Creating Tier 1 Weapons now.

I have the first enemy done. So to get a playable game as fast as possible I am going to create the weapons for the first tier. They will be assembled in game depending on their modifiers. IE

Vamp Health
Vamp Energy.

You have 3 pieces per weapon. I plan on implementing a more complicated creation system if time permits where you can make the barrel,firing chamber, and butt of the gun based on found parts.

So I have to create 18 parts today I need to get to work! =)

Necro is STILL in review. It is a huge game so I expected this. O well hopefully it comes out soon =) .. I am looking forward to what people thing and what changes they want 😉

Busy day today.

I will be creating the tier 1 bad guys =).. To follow the story line they are mostly robotic at this level. Ancient Technology that has been asleep a LONG time. =)

You know after investing some time into demon’s souls.. I am in love… it is VERY VERY hard and has WAY to much grinding. However, I do like to have a game I can sit down and go mindless on a while and ponder my class choices. Of which I am ditching my magician today and converting to a Royal.

Good game. So that 25% came true =)

On to the characters =)

I just played necro another hour. I killed Rayon on level 8 I think.. Now I have to do a couple of missions to get the Flesh Maiden under my belt to =). Not to toot my own horn, but this is the best damn game on the iPhone. If you like these types of games I know you will love it. I just bought Demon Souls for the PS3… I already have stopped playing it due to the level of having to redo lost levels and progress. For example, I played for 45 minutes( I did not have anyway) and I was about to quit when I reached a dragon sitting on a ledge. I explored everywhere and noticed it seemed to have two firing patterns so it must be a puzzle. I took 1 step across an imaginary line or trigger and BAM DEAD. So I get back in and take another 30 minutes fighting to him to get my body. I get 95% of the way there and loose to what I consider a cheating blue knight that is healing WAY more then he should. So I lost the first 45 minutes of work and the next 30 because I had to quit. I am NOT redoing it a 50th time. I give it a 75% chance I will not play it again although I LOVE everything about the art style. Anyway, I think Necro is better in keeping my attention and it is on an iPhone ( made by 1 guy and a hellacious amount of work ). We will see how the world receives it, but as for me I am excited. Hopefully Apple approves it soon and we will see how it pans out.

Back to work on Mission Europa…..

Last Tier 1 Room Done!

iPhone SimulatorScreenSnapz003

Wee =)