Alpha possible within two weeks!

Cursed Realms is the current game I am working on click here to go to the top of the blog.

And mission Europa has been out for a year now…. It did win RPG of the year from Touch Gen (Thanks again guys I am so proud of that….)


I am considering dual weild..if nothing else.. left hand shield system AND melee right hand anything.. it would have to be an ability though.. I think you need to go for it…

Update 6: Now time to go through and clean up all the weapons.. I need to make some extender barrels for the pistols and clean up everything. THEN I need to get the bad boys in game and get to making gameplay happen. I have some AI tweaks that will take a day I bet in all but we shall see…

Update 5:
Last and best sword for tier 1… Someone integrated some “enemy” tech into a sword schematic..

Death’s Spike..

Update 4: I am going to drop mauls and claws….. I just never liked them and they do not lend to really awesome looks like axes and swords so I am adding a sword. Claws also add a bunch of asset time I do not have or want. Adding claws would over balance the number of melee and I think swords and axes are way better. That makes 4 swords / 3 axes / 6 pistols / 6 rifles per tier.. each of those all have interchangeable parts with 7 mods… so
7 x 7 x ( 4 + 3 ) x 5 tiers = 1715 Swords and Axes
7 x 7 x ( 6 ) x 5 = 1470 Pistols
7 x 7 x ( 6 rifles ) x 5 = 1470 rifles

And I am not counting the color variations depending on the condition NOR the final modifier that changes the “hit effect” that the last modifier adds..

Last Sword on the way =)

Update 3: Battle Axe… melee weapons will do far more damage then ranged.. so they will be a valid option for poeple that like it up close and personal like me =)..

Update2: Warrior Axe.. next battle Axe then the Mauls and Claws.. and this is just for levels 1-10 =)

I should get back to gameplay this weekend and hopefully hve an alpha candidate in two weeks! “alpha being the first 5 levels of gameplay to test and tweak.

Of course that is if life stays out of the way 😉



18 Responses to “Alpha possible within two weeks!”

  1. Osmiral Says:

    Do you make all the textures yourself? If so what program are you using?

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Yes. I prefer Photoshop. I have an old version and I hope to be able to buy the upgrade after I get M.E. making some money.. the newer versions of photoshop are unmatched…

  3. Osmiral Says:

    I just saw the Battle Axe, and all I can say is WOW! Yeah, my brother does a lot with photoshop (he’s got the newest version), and the stuff that people do with photoshops still amazes me. My artistic drawing skills lack, but that’s why I have him 😉

  4. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Thanks =).. I hope I get a lot of time now on M.E. it is starting to congeal finally =)

  5. Osmiral Says:

    About dual-weilding, it should defenitely be like a passive ability, where the more you upgrade it the more damage the other gun actually does. For instance, Deul-Weilding level one would allow you to use a secondary weapon but it would only do like 20% of the damage that the same gun in your other hand would do. The more you upgrade it the better it is until you get to 100%. Also you should also be able to dual weild any one-handed item, like for instance you could duel weild two pistols, or a pistol and a phaser, or a phaser and a short sword. The bigger swords and axes should be two-handed weapons like the rifles and stuff.

  6. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    blocking is only allowed in one handed mode. So two handed items will leave your defenses down a lot. BUT allow for massive damage. You can dual wield one handed items. I like it =)… about a day or two to implement it but worth it. =)

  7. Osmiral Says:

    Exactly, that way the player has more choices over what kind of style of fighting they want to play as, they can go for ranged or up close and aggressive or defensive. It adds variety to the game.

  8. EnygmaDraco Says:

    Btw – here’s a revolutionary marketing idea. First people charged for games. Then they went to 99c. Now free is the new 99c. How do you beat that? Give away iPhones for free! (I am kidding of course. Though with a silent tear in my eye.)

  9. Osmiral Says:

    iPhones free! no, the newest and best marketing tool is to pay people to take your game and play it! That has to be the best idea in the world 😉

  10. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Agreed. Very insane… unsustainable.. seems to be the new word for peoples expectations currently. ;).. 70 cents a sale will not work for big studios. I can do low prices because its JUST me in my off time and off work hours… there is NO way a team of people could survive at these rates. Unless they pump out QUICK games with very cheap labor and game play that last about an hour or so. *cough* gameloft *cough* *wink wink 😉

    Maybe a LARGE SCALE IN DEPTH GAMES chart and a CASUAL GAMES chart.. no idea.. 😉

  11. Osmiral Says:

    lol. Yeah, if only gameloft put as much time into their games as you. Can you imagine, a 30+ hour version of N.O.V.A with an actually engaging campaign, where gameloft actually spends the time to update it. It’s nice to be able to dream 😉

  12. Osmiral Says:

    But then again that’s why we have you, and Mission Europa! 🙂

  13. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    LOL.. I wish I had their money and backing ;)… Sad thing is to stay profitable at these prices they have to move like lightning thus not much depth. Appstore users would rather buy 10 99 cents crap games then 9.99 for one good..

    Driving home to work some after a swim. We heated the pool =)

  14. Osmiral Says:

    Yeah, I personally would rather buy one 9.99 game that the developers put a lot of time into, and that had a lot of playtime, but on the majority, iphone gamers are casual gamers. One day, the iphone will become a big mobile gaming device, that hardcore gamers will play on.

  15. iOctober Says:

    This game is going to be ridiculous isn’t it…. lol and i thought NR was a time hog 😉 The more I see the more i want! I hope you get this out before Chaos Rings Though. Having Square E. as competition cant be good for business 😦

  16. Osmiral Says:

    Yeah but if this game is as good as it’s starting to look like it’s going to be, it will far surpass anything that Square Enix has to offer.

  17. Guillermo Lopez Says:

    I like your design for Me better than for necro. Anyway could dual wield also influence 2 handed weapons? BTW sign me up
    for alpha testing ; )

  18. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    😉 thanks guys. Chaos ring is a totally different game I don;t think we are competing. I am buying that one too though =)..M.E. is really shaping up. LOTS and LOTS of work left however =)..If I do compete with a 50 man team and am competitive.. that would be awesome ;).

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