Update Bad guys have their primary weapons assigned now they will get their abilities!..(Name are still not done of course =P) Feature lock soon! =).. that means final run upcoming! =)




That is the armory!.. I am not done adding in weapons and it will update as I go but not to bad.. LOTS of weapons to play with =).. and more coming!

Again it is in progress and none of the art is done.. you can see lots of issues in there.. a work in progress =)..


26 thoughts on “WEAPONS!!! MORE WEAPONS!!!

  1. Already are =)..just not there yet.. the flame thrower is also a spray and prey weapon =) .. You have to have automatic weapons =)..

    I am placing in Electric Rain right now.. suggested by a Blog Viewer =)..

    If you all have more suggestions let er rip! =)

    1. Games are not similar at all.. more of street fighter with limited weapons and enemy types.. I have WAY more game-play options… they have a few and very few bad guys. Not to worried =)..Not sure why they call it an RPG.. it is so short.

      They concentrated entirely on Graphics…Which really shows it looks amazing (as they spent a ton of time on each little piece…) but there are very few options…. =)..Thats like calling Gears an RPG

      Not afraid at all … I used to work with some of the guys that work at epic.. very different game. And VERY different budget =).. mine = 0 theirs = HUGE … =).. I can under sell them any day of the week… anywy glad I still have a day job I guess. =)

      O and sorry no harpoon guns Painkiller did that well enough 😉 Whats funny is they built an ENTIRE game sround a gun… and it worked! =)…

      Back to work!…

      I would love to give a go at looking better in _another_ game I support 20-30 enemies at once attacking you they are a 1 on 1 in a limited set … not to much freedom.. this is again for graphics quality =).. if you tightly control what you are rendering you can really push it to the max at the loss of player freedom ( IE street fighter) … very pretty =) that is a new screen to me..

      1. How about a gun that shoots explosives? Like explosive rounds that blow them into chunks and insendiary rounds that light them on fire?
        You said they spent alot of time on everthing, they also have lots and lots of peopleworking on it (if it’s half as many as GOW)
        I’m not trying to put your game down, I’m just saying that this (because of the looks) will be a major release that will most likely overshadow everything else. I’m gonna buy yours and this one for sure, I’m just saying that you gotta watch out for things like: price, games like modern combat do this with success because they already made a name for themselves (I like your idea of charging 1$ for the first 3 levels, so you lure people in)
        tags (like the adding “(FPS RPG)” to the title to get attention) and getting overshadowed (even if your game is better a game released by a console developer will get all sorts of media hype)
        Just trying to help (where help isn’t needed) 😀

      2. Yes the Tag was a GREAT IDEA! Thanks!..

        These are VERY different games, I do not think they compete on a game to game level…Epic is pushing the graphics level and let them I love it! .. Project sword is basically street fighter with a modify-able character.. and even there I think Street Fighter has more game mechanics to it (it should its been around 20 years). =).. I will efinitely be buying Anything Epic releases on the iDevices as long as they are below 10 bucks ( I bet they price at 10.00 with in game purchases to total 20.00)..

        I already have rocket launchers and gigantic booms for you .. you will love it =)..
        Also if you hit something hard enough a god old fashion blood spray ensues =)..

      3. Hey later tonight I will try to get a items page with the descriptions on there so you can see all the weapon effects =).. There are a ton … and each do different things .. Like light on fire .. slow.. stun.. explode.. etc =)

        Good stuff! Keep the ideas coming.. =)

  2. Since you have this new glow thing rocking so well, how about a crossbow that shoots differnt styles of energy bolts.. Make it big and evil looking..they could explode, or deliver poison and such.. So you wouldn’t have to write the sticking arrow program..?

    1. ooo o…I likey.. I will have to make one… 😉 let me get the stuff I have in then I will make a Doom Bow.. A crossbolt that imparts a poison… and a plasma,fire, and lazer bow to go with for good measure =).. Tonight I should have time.. On top of making this game I have the day job, family, and studying for an Architecture exam to get registered because lord knows games do not pay =).. I need a time machine!

      1. Oh yeah The glowy sword (and axe) looks epic! My brother made a sword like that on the computer (Second Life Teen) that looked just like that except console quality (like Halo Reach level, he also spent a month or so making half a set of epic armor. Then got bored with it lol) he spent a week on it or so and we never got around to scripting it lol, we just wore it on our backs as decoration lol.
        back to subject: Any throwing axes or spears?

      2. Pretty happy with them being that 1 they are on a phone 😉 .. and 2 I made them all under the alloted 45 minutes time max a piece from art to in game…. The schedule is tight when you are a one man band and you have hundreds of items to make =-)

  3. Nope currently not.. might think about it.. but with projectile weapons being 1/2 the game not sure the effort would add much (throwing axes knives)

  4. you can zoom with any weapon nd some are more acvurate then others ..your firig rate also causes more of a spray

      1. I am going to have an achievement system that is the last thing on the list as a retrofit to the engine =)

  5. Hey, you should check this game out, it looks sort of like yours but it’s a mmo. it’s called Fallen Earth, Im gonna download the free trial A.S.A.P.

      1. It has been out a while I was wanting to check it out but my pc laptop died and I am stuck with this 17″ sweet macbook now =).. not sad at all =P

      2. It’s for mac too, you should get the 14 day free trial. I’m going to get it today if my crippled old PC can handle it. (the demo)

      3. Let me know if it is worth the time =)..I am so strapped for time right now I can barely breathe..

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