Almost done with weapons..

By the end of this weekend I will be on the cut scenes hopefully or the arena not sure… depends on the voice recordings my actor is not as motivated as I am =) (and she has 180 recordings to do -=P )

Some fun test videos while I work =).. looking good… when those bad guys start all tossing abilities at you …woa… its going to get nuts.. =) Nothing like it out there ;)…the weapons in the inventory are only 1/3 of what there is now I could not fit all of them in the inventory.. and now there are only 3 types of ammo! =)

Some guns use multiple shots per firing is the difference..

If you are new here NOTHING is done .. it is all just testing what I am working on the second video shows the Electric Rain Rifle working =).. I forgot who suggested that one.. now on to the Cross bows.. after the chain plasma,frost pistol,chain spiker,fire pistol….

Just noticed I need to add cam shake while firing this gun whoops.. I will catch it on the weapons polish run =)


3 thoughts on “Almost done with weapons..

  1. Doom says:

    So what are the other summons guys like?will they each have their own level like reyem? Will they(the levels) look different?
    Since you are making more weapons, I think you should invest the extra time and find some more unique sounds for them, so you don’t duplicate the same bang sound on them??

  2. Doom says:

    I am impressed on the progression of the looks of weapons! I can tell you are taking some all the new effects too..btw..need more taunts too ;).. Crossbow..! Happy Friday!

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