Almost done with weapons..

By the end of this weekend I will be on the cut scenes hopefully or the arena not sure… depends on the voice recordings my actor is not as motivated as I am =) (and she has 180 recordings to do -=P )

Some fun test videos while I work =).. looking good… when those bad guys start all tossing abilities at you …woa… its going to get nuts.. =) Nothing like it out there ;)…the weapons in the inventory are only 1/3 of what there is now I could not fit all of them in the inventory.. and now there are only 3 types of ammo! =)

Some guns use multiple shots per firing is the difference..

If you are new here NOTHING is done .. it is all just testing what I am working on the second video shows the Electric Rain Rifle working =).. I forgot who suggested that one.. now on to the Cross bows.. after the chain plasma,frost pistol,chain spiker,fire pistol….

Just noticed I need to add cam shake while firing this gun whoops.. I will catch it on the weapons polish run =)


3 thoughts on “Almost done with weapons..

  1. So what are the other summons guys like?will they each have their own level like reyem? Will they(the levels) look different?
    Since you are making more weapons, I think you should invest the extra time and find some more unique sounds for them, so you don’t duplicate the same bang sound on them??

  2. I am impressed on the progression of the looks of weapons! I can tell you are taking some all the new effects too..btw..need more taunts too ;).. Crossbow..! Happy Friday!

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