Abilities in!

Welcome to the next summon 3 more left =).. This is the Banshee and will be the current Banshee soft mascot when I flip the site to the real banshee soft on Missions Europa’s Release =)…

I will get some in game screen shots as soon as I finish its summon! =)

By the way I am VERY disappointed that the new ID shooter will be on rails…The way they demoed it I was hoping for so much more.. less competition for me but man I was looking forward to that…(was secretly hoping for death match but again less competition for me again so I guess thats good….bummer)

Here is the Seal of Death being used…


Now summons!!!!
1. Reyem Neas
2. The Banshee
3. Doom Bringer
4. Death
5. ?????? 😉

Updated data list here:




7 thoughts on “Abilities in!

  1. Hitch says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait for the next build Ryan. This will be awesome. I love all the new weapons lately. Everything looks sweet. Were you able to add more animations to sword swinging?
    And an idea for the Last Summon- Darkness. My friends and I were talking about how freaky darkness falls was when we were little earlier today. Or maybe some like Mafiesto or something like that if you get what I mean.

    1. ryanmitchellgames says:

      swings are on the very back burner it would take quite a reworking ;(..

      I like the idea =). Mafiesto nice =)..

      Thanks just updated the items again some abilities had the wrong tiles..

      Bed time its 1:00 am to me.. =) Day job tomorrow!

  2. ryanmitchellgames says:

    Thanks!! =)

    Yes the seals are really rare… I will toss the link to the rage bomb and void call next forgot to link

  3. ryanmitchellgames says:

    Hey if somerandomdude vists can you cahnge the title on the upcoming games (touch arcade) to include

    Mission Europa (3D,FPS,RPG) into the title of the thread.. I just want people to know it is not another 2d rpg clone =)

  4. ryanmitchellgames says:

    whats funny is I think I have 100 people actually following this game… but I think it will be gameplay wise better then the big boys on the market.. Rage = On rails.. Infinity blade = street fighter with swords…goes to show the problems with games I guess.. big names sell no matter what they put out… =)

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