Abilities in!

Welcome to the next summon 3 more left =).. This is the Banshee and will be the current Banshee soft mascot when I flip the site to the real banshee soft on Missions Europa’s Release =)…

I will get some in game screen shots as soon as I finish its summon! =)

By the way I am VERY disappointed that the new ID shooter will be on rails…The way they demoed it I was hoping for so much more.. less competition for me but man I was looking forward to that…(was secretly hoping for death match but again less competition for me again so I guess thats good….bummer)

Here is the Seal of Death being used…


Now summons!!!!
1. Reyem Neas
2. The Banshee
3. Doom Bringer
4. Death
5. ?????? 😉

Updated data list here:




7 thoughts on “Abilities in!

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait for the next build Ryan. This will be awesome. I love all the new weapons lately. Everything looks sweet. Were you able to add more animations to sword swinging?
    And an idea for the Last Summon- Darkness. My friends and I were talking about how freaky darkness falls was when we were little earlier today. Or maybe some like Mafiesto or something like that if you get what I mean.

    1. swings are on the very back burner it would take quite a reworking ;(..

      I like the idea =). Mafiesto nice =)..

      Thanks just updated the items again some abilities had the wrong tiles..

      Bed time its 1:00 am to me.. =) Day job tomorrow!

  2. Thanks!! =)

    Yes the seals are really rare… I will toss the link to the rage bomb and void call next forgot to link

  3. Hey if somerandomdude vists can you cahnge the title on the upcoming games (touch arcade) to include

    Mission Europa (3D,FPS,RPG) into the title of the thread.. I just want people to know it is not another 2d rpg clone =)

  4. whats funny is I think I have 100 people actually following this game… but I think it will be gameplay wise better then the big boys on the market.. Rage = On rails.. Infinity blade = street fighter with swords…goes to show the problems with games I guess.. big names sell no matter what they put out… =)

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