The Banshee is born!!!

Summon’s realms almost open for business =)…

Update: Meet Knuckles…..

Knuckles like!

Update: On the final summon =).. I do not think I will post it though as there needs to be secrets =)..
After the last summon is done I will move to the final stage of the project!… I have to get all the quests in and tested! =)… Then I will have a while for polishing and testing the whole game.. I then will release the single player beta to testers while I work on the Multiplayer arena. The final stage will be the whole game as a release candidate. Then off to apple!!!

Took a shot while testing =).. I like how this guy turned out… the glow flickers ..

Thinking Anima type summon for number 3 summon… man these take a day to make! argh… 😉

Something related to him.. the chained idea I like… of course no way can I take the time they do (this is a fps not a turn based rpg I have 2 seconds to get off a shot or so) to summon nor the effects level on our cute little phones… but I like the chained idea a lot..




15 thoughts on “The Banshee is born!!!

      1. This game is THE game..someone in the right seat will see the creativity and plug it in where it will be seen by millions..get ready!!
        New icons!!

      2. I sure hope so! -).. so much love has been infused into this project.. =) we Shall see together that is for sure!

  1. Yeah! That was a good one! Very nicely done.

    One question, Is there a way to not have all the damage numbers overlaping? Same with the Xp numbers, its hard to make out what the numbers say. I really like numbers on the screen, so here’s a suggestion. What if you had a total number instead, a number that you would see on the screen that builds up as you do combo damage, and after a second or two of no damage you would get a “total combo damage” tally. This way you don’t get multiple numbers overlaping each other. Same with Xps, you could also maybe have floating numbers that fades into the background?! Do you know what I mean?!

  2. yea I will have to think on a method to do that… currently the messages are parsed as received and have no idea of their origins in the engine…. all tose numbers are different bad guys getting hit.. you get one number per damage strike.. So it is not one guy emitting different numbers… it is 20 going at the same time.. are you saing add them all up and just show how much damage was done to everyone?… I think I like know which ones I hit harder though…. ??

    Thanks.. and your potato gun is in the works =P

  3. I also like to know how hard I hit but It’s pointless if you can’t read it. I think Bordeland has a good way of showing the numbers, I’ll see if I can find a youtube video of it. I’m very much looking forward to see the potato gun!! Thank you for doing that.

  4. You all deserve it.. I am thinking of other rewards.. most probably a post release mail to alpha and beta testers of one off items… =)..

    Only you guys have you could mail them and relinquish them as a pass down… 😉

  5. Both the banshee and knuckles are awesome. How about a power that summons lost soles to come in a wave over the map, killing all enemys. Like a one time use thing?

    P.S. My brother just got borderlands for his birthday (the 6th) and it’s pretty fun, however it was overshadowed by COD: Black Ops’ release today. Black ops is a great game with an epic story, zombie mode and online splitscreen (me and my brother love that) and wager matchs. Maybe you could add wager matches to your game? So pay a certain amount of money to join and get twice that much for coming in the upper half of the scores.

  6. Like the souls idea I will look into it after I cross the finish line so I know how much time I have.. 😉

    I am still finalizing the ideas for the Arena and I like the idea..

  7. No shots trying to keep some secrets =)….

    Good eye those are chains =)

    Think mass of flesh with a strecthy head that comes out =)

    now there is one =P

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