Knuckles is BIG =)


PVP next then I am asset complete for the most part and on to finishing the quests and kicking my voice talents butt to get the voice overs done…. good stuff!! =)

Non PVP armor now up:
Working late again 😉

I have the NON – pvp armor sets up now 3 per tier.. 5 tiers each tier is 10 levels.

Some Examples:

The rest at the link above =)…

Day job for now.. then back to work again tonight… the late nights will be over soon!! =)

All Player armor in =).. I need to get a bestiary type page up with all of it.. soon enough =)

Ok for Doom a shot of the 3rd summon..


2 thoughts on “Knuckles is BIG =)

  1. 3rd summon…I can tell it will be the coolest!! Really looking great Ryan!

    Don’t forget thinking about power ups and such for Arena…picture running like crazy trying to get that health orb before the summons bites your ass..

    1. And then turn around and shoot the guy with the most powefull weapon in the game… The Potato Gun !!!! But it has a 10 sec. reload rate 😦 😦

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