Wee Sunday Work time

Really excited to get this to yall it really is an incredible game.. I just played a few very respected un-named iDevice games and actually wanted to come back and play this one =)…that is a good sign… now t get the blasted thing done so you guys can help me polish it -)…

Current Bug List until Final Single Player Beta:
-oneal not showing in level
-Create level load screens.. showing what new items drop on them..
-Go through memory manager page reports… yawn!
-add 3x more ai points per room
-Finish Quests with Voice overs from 80 on
-Double damage is way way to strong…
-twisted metal loot item 2 broken
-on explode buff walk away longer..
-weapon dissappears after load sometimes
-Blank skill in skills lvl2
-Drill master is dragging a body at his feet… fix that…
-Random spawn bosses need to be completed…

I got to get a lot done yesterday. There is SO much content to test and polish that is all I am doing now waiting for my voice talent to finish…. long wait =(..

Good stuff hope y’all are having a great day!



8 thoughts on “Wee Sunday Work time

  1. Forget about waiting for voice actors… You should have done both the male and female voices yourself! That would have been… interesting… to say the least. =D

    But yeah, you’re not the only one working on a Sunday night… I have a crapload of homework to do in a couple of hours or so and would much, much, much rather be watching whatever game is on right now.

  2. The living dead is on AMC and it’s awesome, it comes on at 9 my time. (2 minutes from this post) you guys might not like it as much as I do though, invade you haven’t noticed I have a thing for zombies. But not like a perverted kinda thing.

  3. 😉 I need to record that new zombie series show…

    Just playing the game now and fixing as I go.. still waiting on the voices to be completed =(

  4. I’m sure it’s on the list or fixed..but don’t forget projectile issues from old build…..looking forward to it…..(your game.). 🙂

  5. Any chance to have an option to disable auto-walking? I’m not a big fan, I would imagine you would have that option in the final built.

  6. Autowalk option = yes… I plan on getting you guys the single player build and going over what options you guys want.. they are usually the last thing added to a game anyway =)..

    (The projectile issue was fixed a while back =).. I had to shoot the baddies somehow =P.. )

    Back to day job.. I am really moving along now..

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