Wee Sunday Work time

Really excited to get this to yall it really is an incredible game.. I just played a few very respected un-named iDevice games and actually wanted to come back and play this one =)…that is a good sign… now t get the blasted thing done so you guys can help me polish it -)…

Current Bug List until Final Single Player Beta:
-oneal not showing in level
-Create level load screens.. showing what new items drop on them..
-Go through memory manager page reports… yawn!
-add 3x more ai points per room
-Finish Quests with Voice overs from 80 on
-Double damage is way way to strong…
-twisted metal loot item 2 broken
-on explode buff walk away longer..
-weapon dissappears after load sometimes
-Blank skill in skills lvl2
-Drill master is dragging a body at his feet… fix that…
-Random spawn bosses need to be completed…

I got to get a lot done yesterday. There is SO much content to test and polish that is all I am doing now waiting for my voice talent to finish…. long wait =(..

Good stuff hope y’all are having a great day!



8 thoughts on “Wee Sunday Work time

  1. Somerandomdude says:

    Forget about waiting for voice actors… You should have done both the male and female voices yourself! That would have been… interesting… to say the least. =D

    But yeah, you’re not the only one working on a Sunday night… I have a crapload of homework to do in a couple of hours or so and would much, much, much rather be watching whatever game is on right now.

  2. Jake1191 says:

    The living dead is on AMC and it’s awesome, it comes on at 9 my time. (2 minutes from this post) you guys might not like it as much as I do though, invade you haven’t noticed I have a thing for zombies. But not like a perverted kinda thing.

  3. ryanmitchellgames says:

    😉 I need to record that new zombie series show…

    Just playing the game now and fixing as I go.. still waiting on the voices to be completed =(

  4. Doom says:

    I’m sure it’s on the list or fixed..but don’t forget projectile issues from old build…..looking forward to it…..(your game.). 🙂

  5. MrSpud says:

    Any chance to have an option to disable auto-walking? I’m not a big fan, I would imagine you would have that option in the final built.

  6. ryanmitchellgames says:

    Autowalk option = yes… I plan on getting you guys the single player build and going over what options you guys want.. they are usually the last thing added to a game anyway =)..

    (The projectile issue was fixed a while back =).. I had to shoot the baddies somehow =P.. )

    Back to day job.. I am really moving along now..

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