Load screens finally in =)

Threw totgether an uploader for the load screens here they all are =)

I have 45 screens that are pulled up and rendered for the load screen I plan on listing somehow what now is unlocked on that level.. I just need to get er done as they say =)…

Here is an example.. I still need the item list..

Current Bug List until Final Single Player Beta:
-Go Up Level
-Lightning skill new sound
-Create level load screens.. showing what new items drop on them..
-Go through memory manager page reports… yawn!
-add 3x more ai points per room
-Finish Quests with Voice overs from 80 on
-twisted metal loot item 2 broken
-on explode buff walk away longer..
-weapon dissappears after load sometimes
-Blank skill in skills lvl2
-Drill master is dragging a body at his feet… fix that…
-Random spawn bosses need to be completed…
-Icy Grasp skills drop to often
-right leg skeleton level 3 on walk gone..
-On Vengence hit death sound..
-Weapons dissapear on a buff nto sure which one…
-on shield block sound missing..
-Dr John can go invisible.. and not on purpose…
-multiple loot gold
-SkyBox For Ice starter and open windows..
-Close open rooms now due to the fog effects..


15 thoughts on “Load screens finally in =)

  1. Doctor John! Where are you?!
    I think my doctor John can also become invisible, can sometime be seen on golf course or in the bahamas. Anyway, I can’t wait to help you test, I hope I can find time, so many games coming out soon and so much work!

  2. Lol no kidding he is still disappearing BuT I have narrowed it down to a skill he is using very strange…. I am taking another day to upgrade the first levels graphics 😉 if you do not grab a player there then they are lost 😉

  3. So when game is loading you get a random screen with a cool shot from the game?..really cool..makes it so you dont tap 3 times!! Good idea!

  4. 😉 yes those screen are all in that link you can check them out =).. I wrote a system that made them for me =)…
    It made a HUGE DIFFERENCE..

    Now if I could just finish this stupid sky dome…and get this graphic upgrade done on teh first levels… o and voice talent really lagging…. that is why I am spending time making eye candy =)

  5. So rage is out and already has over two hundred reviews..some people are saying that rail shooters are good because there is no room on the iPhone screen for RPGs..thinking you proved them wrong already….keep polishing…rage sells for 1.99 gotta be short with later purchases in game..will let you know how it plays out..

      1. WOW 743 megs… they sure did not cull off what they could… short and a gig? WOW….

        Fanbois = rails are good have they tried modern combat?
        I HATE rails….

        I love Carmack and he is THE changing force in gaming… Sweeney is big BUT Carmack was and is the driving force in tech… sadly I just do not think they put much into it..more of a decision where they had RAGE and the art assets and can we spin a game off for quick money…

        You will not recognize this game when you finally get the next build =)… I will be back on quests tomorrow the tier one upgrade is complete… the skybox for tier one takes an hour to render on a 8 core machine… wow..

        I just refuse to buy a rails game… It is not good for me as when you limit the view like that you can REALLY pull of graphics you could not with the freedom of a 3D game.. I mean really why not just play a movie IE sewer shark.. So no valuable research and I hate rails.. I want freedom so no buy =)…

        I am disappointed in Rage and Infinity Sword (rails but VERY pretty ie GOOD artist)… but Aralon looks good ..I do hope that it is more free roaming then I have seen and with more then 3 bad guys at a time..

        Lots of good competition out there with large scale teams working on them -)… I wonder if a one man band can compete… We shall see! 😉

        Let me know how rage goes ;)..

  6. So, it is pretty..four bad guys on screen at once…not rage tho..an off shoot of the world tho..I guess..really nice but finished it on easy already..different game..can’t compare to yours..but will make a ton of cash I think…so will yours.. ;)..they definitely had a good TEAM of artists..same frustrating rail thing…always miss stuff if u are too slow..

  7. Good idea for headshots tho..a little yellow head/skull flashes if you get one..maybe you could incorporate that somehow instead of text..skull and crossbones icon flash or something…?

  8. I finished Rage under 45 minutes, it was fun but frustrating. In a way Rage is the complete opposite of your game. I always wish I had a sword to slice those mutants when they get too close!

  9. Cool =).. I am not sure what is like my game really… guns, sheilds, swords, and spells…. maybe Warhammer like? I will post a shot from the new level one today sometime.. the skybox is very pretty =).. I punched a lot of holes in the ice walls and added lights to pretty it up a bunch.. I would like to relight the first levels.. but I need to get the thing done too =)…

  10. Well I will get a shot when the sky box gets done rendering.. sheesh.. could be another day..stupid refractions and reflections.. =)…

    Off work to head home and get back to work.. =)

  11. Just played through levels 5 and 6 again… wow this sucker is getting good… I was supposed to test one mission… kept playing =P…

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