Getting there!

I want it right when I give it to you guys!

Level 6 =).. a lot different now =).. post killing V.666 he got a HUGE nerf.. no idea how you killed him Doom… =)

Current Bug List until Final Single Player Beta:
-Go through memory manager page reports… yawn!
-Blank skill in skills lvl2
-Random spawn bosses need to be completed…
-NoGlow mass defect level 7 + 1.25 boost
-Adjust all boos animations…
-Vary bos abilities more lvl 4,6,7
-something weird with new swept sphere.
-lvl 10 animation stops during walk of replicants?

enough for today… argh… slow progress lately… so many assets =)..


2 thoughts on “Getting there!

  1. Yeah, I was never able to get v .666; he was relentless and brutal….had to skip him as I recall..kept laying into me even when I was down and out 😀

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