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Quest 074… shutdown the portal.. =)

Halfway through with the quests… its not linear though.. as things go they get quicker =)…I need a cloning machine.. \=)

Tier 2 here I come… things are moving much faster now… still waiting on voice overs… BUT.. I am moving quickly =).. I can’t wait to get this out to you guys… such a new and polished game.. IT really can compete with the big boys in my opinion!

Current Bug List until Final Single Player Beta:
-Go through memory manager page reports… yawn!
-Blank skill in skills lvl2
-Random spawn bosses need to be completed…
-NoGlow mass defect level 7 + 1.25 boost
-Adjust all boos animations…
-Vary bos abilities more lvl 4,6,7
-something weird with new swept sphere.
-lvl 10 animation stops during walk of replicants?
-Add Warp machine to lvl 10,20,30,40
-Level 35 large defense bot.
-LEvel 36 General bot


14 thoughts on “Next Post

  1. Bug list getting small, I bet I can increase it! Anyway, I don’t have my 3G anymore, wife has it, just iPhone4 now so you’ll need to check your old emails or have me re-sent the UID to you for later. Also I’m guessing you’ll have cheats to help us get throught the game quicker, for testing anyway. Maybe unlimited potions? This way we can still get one-shot killed by the boss but still progress normally, warping from quest to quest would be good too. I’m getting ahead of myself, like a little kid at Xmas 😛 Are the graphics all retina display now?

  2. There is an option for retina =)

    Yes the next release will speed you up like crazy…

    IE you walk to warp machine and type in L23 .. it will give you all the weapons and armor of that level and 6 levels back along with skills… then you start on the first quest for that level… =)… along with that the quest goes into debug mode and is 10x faster to solve =).. There is so much to test there is no other way… I would guess there is 50+ hours of game here if you rush through it.. and play no multiplayer..

    wait untl level 9 when the bots get some real skills like slow and ice bolt… they can really et you in a pickle =)

  3. This really doesn’t have much to do with the game, but do you make your own sound effects and music? or do you get them from a certain site? Because I’m looking for some sound effects for my game but haven’t found a good site yet. Thanks.

  4. No problem I wish more people would post getting lonely around here =)…

    I buy the music from . I make most sound effects but do buy some =)

  5. WOW What a beating on quest 81 right now… just about half way done… hand coding each quest!! .. really going for it this time…. next game I will do something totally different after this beating =)…

  6. Quest 81?? You are a madman!! Been busy with work and holiday, going to sacramento for turkey is going to be 3 degrees here in n. Ca. tonight..can’t wait to play your game!! I am always cking in..let me know it I can help!
    Happy thanksgiving!

    1. Pretty soon before I give it to everyone else I kinda want you to test the retina settings as I cannot afford a iphone 4.0 =) and you have an ipad and iphone 4 😉 .. I have 3 months until I can upgrade to an iphone 4.

      I have 60 quests left!!!

      180 in all .. the hardest ones are left thought with the most stuff going on =)..

      (some tougher cut scenes too)

      BUT after this is done the game is DONE FINALLY… minus the multiplayer but that is nothing compared to this content beast… 😉

      I am trying to release as close to christmas as possible… but not until it is done..

      Back to work.. I would love to be on the testing phase of all these quests soon =).. I see the light at the end of this year long tunnel =)

  7. iPad yes, iPhone 4 no(damn contract untill feb 😦 )then I will have one..but you know I will test anything you send and give it my all!! Christmas sounds smart, let’s make sure it rocks tho!! It has to make an impression on everyone that plays it so it will last!! I want to see you on top 25!!

  8. Hi hitch! \=)..Good to see ya =)

    Ok, doom I will use a local friend to test the retina on that… your4 the iPad connection though =)

  9. My contract wasn’t up for two more years, we have a three year contract here in Canada, its pretty bad! So I said screw it and wrote it off as a business expense, that’s my excuse! The wife took over the old 3G and she loves it! I’m not sure that she would play Europa though, she more of a farmville kinda player. Yuck!

    1. Hehe well hopefully I can finish burning through all these quests.. there are so many!!! Argh!

      Soon! =).. I have about 40 left… of course the most complicated ones =)

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