Finished all quests.

Update: (I think I will be combat testing and done with the quests tomorrow.. =).. Man it is looking good!!! level 23 I really like)
Final Bugs
-Fog in some cut scenes
-Change audio for bots
-(idea) If buy all episodes game then all levels are open at any warp pad
-Friendly areas sometimes bots try to attack like idiots…
-Change CharMonWalk anim and melee
-Add more spawns in quest results..
-Plasma gun …
-dragging items off equipment
-Finish web stats.

BIG night of testing tonight… The only content I have left is the cut scene audio before I give it to yall.. the last level will not be done nor the online stuff when you get it… but 53 levels of testing are =)!!!

Tonight I should be done with all but the last end game cut scenes and get back to quest testing… I hope to be complete with the quest testing of the alien city soon.. then that would just leave the last levels =)… I am shipping it to you guys without the ending level… I have to leave something for final release =P
This is after I celebrate my wifes Birthday =)… she passes out around 9 pm anyway while I light the tires up on this game until past midnight every night (cannot wait to finish btw =P)

Fun quest cut scene ending…

After level 45 the radiation from Jupiter causes the orbital station to do strange things =)

You and Dr.Sierra on the orbital platform -)

Orbital Platform in place =)

Finished all quests.
Now I have to go through and test from quest 40 on.. while doing so add spice and effects… a few days hopefully…. I am hearing my voice overs are going to finally be done soon =).. Getting close =)… Since Multi-player will be worked on post release that means when beta is over it will go to apple =)..(I need to get a few things done with multiplayer.. I want a system to get you the closest level fight at the lowest ping…)


9 thoughts on “Finished all quests.

  1. Soon as I feel like I am not wasting testers time with stuff I should have caught =).. Game is a WHOLE WHOLE lot different =)

  2. Sounds cool..are you able to add more Easter eggs in updates when game goes public? How close does apple test games before they are released? Are they really going to play the whole thing or do they just look at code?
    HB to the voice actor!
    Hope to get a look at this beast soon..oh yeah sent you a link to a totally different Europa u tube video.. 🙂 ck email

    1. awesome.. =).

      Apple does a terrible job testing…they just spot check their manual items.. and a week a try. ONE item fails.. even if the next item is in the very next step… It took Necro 3 months to pass if I remember right… I hope it has gotten better since a year ago =)..

      No easter eggs yet besides some names here and there =)…., they go in last as a bit of a send off =)… potatoe gun on its way then =-)

      Looking good now I am JUST testing all quests (180+). All Cut scenes are in (410+!!!),ALL base weapons are in (50+)

  3. So do you have an idea for your game icon? It needs to be crisp, sharp and inticing…needs to catch the eye….like your ability icons…anyone have any ideas? Sometimes just a non appealing icon will deter shoppers from looking closer..

    1. O I have learned that lesson the hard way =)…

      I am thinking main character in top armor and weapons wasit up with the moon of europa s a cresent in the background. and a lens flare of sun light.. with M.E. in the top left.. character bottom right… 😉

      Need some ideas… I will definately throw ideas up here soon and let yall critique them =)

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