Update: Got about 30 minutes… I have the new socket structures set up … now to test the firewall busting and get some messages going..

Update: Tonight I have a friends birthday to attend… but all Sat and Sun will be Update1… I feel by the end of the weekend I will be able to be close to getting it to apple.. It all depends on the new UDP model for the arena (one of those things I KNEW I should have done but took what I though was the less time consuming route)

Update Small present in the mail.. more later it is PRESENT FRIDAY!

Update: OK… I made the executive decision to abort the TCP firewall punch and reserve TCP for the server communications… So no time lost there BUT for the client to client items I am going to go with want I knew I would probably have to anyway.. UDP… argh…. Nothing as hard as AI or collision code in the game BUT…. It might add a few days to get that layer working.. =(.. I will go as hard as I can at this =)..

Still stuck there… after that things should fly!.. really fly!…I have an iphone 4 now so I can test all the retina stuff =)

People really getting far… bodes well as I KNOW that is 40 hours or more of play there… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Working as hard as one man can to get past this TCP thing!

21 thoughts on “WORKING HARD AS I CAN

  1. I’ve done 65 hours but approx 15 were spamming store getting my Bone Aegis set. I mean some of it dropped but not much.

    I reckon I’ve done 50 hours playing the game and dieing lots !

    I’ve spent a load on IAP, firstly to support Ryan but then i got addicted to making things saintly.

    I bloody love this game and I know I will put 100’s of hours in.

    Partly why I have slowed the missions and started collecting armour sets is because I don’t want this to be over. I’ve done 98 missions so I guess I’m half way ? Just over, except the levels get bigger and then there’s the bonus levels where you get the summons – oh my ! I love this game !

    If anyone has any rotten flesh armour pieces they want to mail me feel free. I can mail chain guns in return if that’s any help to anyone.

      1. No but thanks for your interest. It’s rotten flesh. Check the armour sets on the website. It’s. Lvl 30.

        I’ve got 9 pieces so not for off the full set.

        But again ! thank you for responding kind sir !

  2. um i think there’s a glitch with the vengeance spell i just sold a level 2.5 vengeance for 71746828 credits…. woot i has all of teh moneeeeees in teh world !!!!! ima gunna buy all the sh*t i want now!!!!

  3. oh and a level 2 energy bolt sold for 64005308 credits ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i could sell a doomsday (level 4) for 94975616 credits but no way am i doing that… i have enough money

  4. I’m so happy! I finally got passed the marine captain to level ten and doctor Sierra. The fight with the captain was scary I could see the eyes on his three heads in the darkness, but it was easy because I just used doomsday and It blasted him till he was dead.

    1. Whilst that would be awesome and i would happily pay for more i doubt it will happen.. . I guess its up to ryan though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. If sales are right… YES… when you beat the game.. you will see =)

    Just got home! =) argh… to much beer to little sleep

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