Tired ;)

Update: I am so pissed I was right the whole time…. 3G will not allow what I want.. peer to peer connections.. ARGH!!!…the arena is working… I just need to clean it up now and the menus.. O so mad I wasted so much time without trying a remote client besides 3G…

umm wow… looks like 3G is not a udp forward-able thing over 3g.. took 2 days and a rewrite to find that out.. but connections a synch over wifi on both ends! … sheesh…. wish that info was out there would have saved me 2 days…. ! I connected to a computer on another wifi network and then tested all my code was GOOD!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! So Arena will be wifi only.. which makes sense anyway as 3G adds 200ms latency at the get go…

I posted this on TA:
“A note to developers.. I hope to save you guys 3 damn days!… I was attempting all sorts of Firewall punching one 3G one Wifi… and nothing worked.. NOTHING… I tried tcp server tcp client.. tcp server udp client.. and where I am now.. UDP all .. (I like it a lot) … then I connected to another external mac of mine.. and tried what I knew should work… and it did… argh…..WiFi only Arena is great with me … 3G is silly anyway it adds 200ms latency as a BASE… so insane anyway.. ARGH.. I hope this saves someone else some time…OK onward and upward after a 3 day learning experience…. stupid 3G…”

OK server rewritten working great.. now to finish the connection code on the client.. everything should work.. but I have something wrong somewhere … soon ;)..

Set of the day!


But about to get er done after some good home town churching… I got all the way down to client connection with the server so I have high hopes today I will be on to the stability… then a few minor issues people have… testing and shipping to apple..I am _HOPING_ to ship wens – friday of this week and immediately begin on Update 2 since have a bug list -) that one will include more toys.. πŸ˜‰

5 hours sleep makes you a little groggy at my age…;)

50 thoughts on “Tired ;)

      1. Got both.. funny ps3 ccme first they must have coded towards it first.. it is a Biznatch to code for…

      2. Well orator from god of war is in it and I’ve been hearing rumors on the xbox that it’s gonna be someone from gears or halo

    1. Hopefully I will be able to get it done BEFORE friday.. then apple has to review it.. I have had that take a DAY and sometimes a WEEK… so next week sometime for sure ;)… First updates are the hardest.. you go from running on 3 peoples devices to 1000… ;).. and these days it is turning into PC development with all the models!.. πŸ˜‰ Hope you all have a great sunday I will be here on the blog and working! I will keep you updated ZA here πŸ˜‰

    1. Rofl πŸ˜‰

      Doom get your sleep the new arena is going to kill you…

      I have been tempted to put in a
      if ( player == “DOOM”)


  1. Ouwwaachh….that definitely would leave a mark..!! πŸ™‚ how about this:
    πŸ™‚ gonna need it !

      1. Haha one thing i am on level 29 and trying to active the matrix turret but nothing is where it says it is and i have tried many times but always the same when i go over the place that saus matrix turret nothing happens any help?

  2. Hey Ryan, do you know of the headless/ any armor piece you want gone, so your character appears like he’s missing whatever armor piece is gone and there is just a blank space glitch? Or ad I like to call it, the HAPYWGSYCALHMWAPIGATIJABS Glitch

    1. Nope.. just need to know the process… do not tell doom..he will be naked all the time… ;P..

      You can post it here will be fixed update 1

      1. You can melt an armor piece while it is still on you and you won’t be wearing any armor for that slot, and that spot on your character will appear invisible.

  3. Buzzing I made set of the day !

    I got full Bone Aegis and full Rotten Flesh !

    I don’t want to lose either so I guess I’ll sell my materials to make room to collect another set.

    I only plan on farming for Angelic schematics when I’ve reached the lvl cap.

    Good luck with the update Ryan. You are my favourite Pagan God of Programming !

      1. Nice, by spamming do you mean going to the store over and over again until you find the armor?

  4. If you look really close at my guys chest you can see his Paul Stanley tribute shirt on.. πŸ˜‰ is it just me….I swear that’s what it looks like… πŸ˜€

      1. hmmm next time I see another regen I’ll remind myself to save it for you πŸ™‚
        There’s no description of the skill so I’ll just assume mine is good at 2.5 lol

      2. Ya its exactly as the name above this comment is πŸ˜‰ It’s “zacardinals”. Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!

  5. I feel like I speak another language all my own sometimes!. well I set up to be able to do some work from my day job today..if possible… trying to speed up the process od update one.. I only want to play arena with you guys!…

    1. good luck Ryan, definitely take your time if you need to, you’ve done so much already πŸ˜›
      I’m pretty sure we’re all going to go crazy over the arena anyways when it’s open xD

  6. So am I getting this right, when this arena is up and running it’s going to be like some kind of unreal death match pvp with are characters.
    If this is what’s coming in the update OMG OMG OMG lol.
    Mission Europa has to win some kind of iOS gaming award,
    I think the only thing I can see to stop Mission Europa being a huge seller is the price as most iOS gamers are stingy buggers. Like my friend who thinks I’m crazy for spending Β£5.99 on ME but he thinks nothing of spending Β£40 on a 360 game??? Peoples logic baffles ne sometimes.

  7. I literally cannot pull myself out from this game and it is just amazing!!! Ryan I have already posted reviews onto itunes hope ppl can see it soon and more ppl buy this and i might be able to play some pvp matches.
    P.S: Do you have any good weaps to spare?? : p

  8. By saying the arena’s only for wi-fi, do you mean it’s only local wi-fi? Or can you play online? Because I do have a wi-fi router connected to my iPod. And what exactly is 3G internet?

    1. it will be online wifi 3g is the internet connection you get on iphone 3g and up the first iphone was edge(some other connection) 3g is literally a worst connection but one that can be got pretty much anywhere there is satellite coverage

  9. btw i am KingOfLatency as well just different on 2 different computers
    KingOfLatency on ME also and hamster787 on TA πŸ˜‰

  10. another thing i managed to recover my save file some how by reloading stuff and things anyway still wondering if all stats on the website are reset if i was to start again? kills and deaths and achievements?

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