Chugging on!

Update 4: heading home for one of the last late nights I hope =)

Update 3: Yeap found another one =)

Update 2: Found a nasty leak in the sound manange.. OpenAL misuse..nice…

GREAT NEWS!! I am done with the next phase of the Arena! =).. O its going to rock!.. Now to test it with Doom and any other pre beta testers that would like to join =) then the masses.. Now I need to get to stability and the other issues!

Build of the day!

Well I cannot wait for Update 1 to be done.. I will love the sleep.

The hardest part is officially done. I am moving on to the smaller issues now. Stability is one of them.. That is MUCH easier it just takes time -)

28 thoughts on “Chugging on!

  1. You sleep to much…..get your lazy ass up and work!!!!!! I swear all you do is sleep. You can sleep while you drive to work.

  2. hmmmmm that’s a genius up there 😛
    Anyways, that’s nice to hear Ryan and hope you get your something over 80 hours of sleep soon.

      1. ~having fun with the chicken thing, spawning monsters until the game crashes or using seal of rage on them~

      1. Ya, it’s all I could afford at that moment. I’ll send you some health potions, that you can sell, potions sell for a good amount of money.

  3. Hey Ryan, AppSpy’s back. But they haven’t done reviews. Just news. And it’s not by Andrew. It’s by some guy named Demo. That’s not good. I really hope Andrew stays.

  4. Hey Ryan, I wish, really wish I could help you with your next built but this week I bought a house and sold my house, and my next house needs A LOT of work. Beside, being a carpenter pretty much all summers are 100% work only, with some food and sleep in between somewhere. Regardless, I’ll be keeping a eye on you, you can count on me for your next project, I’ll be around!

  5. I’m hooked like a crack-whore bro! I really just wanted to say thx for all your hard work.. My wife tells me everyday she’s leaving b/c I won’t put the phone down.. Lol.. Have passed on thoughts to as many as I can trying to get download stats up.. Can’t wait for arena.. Thx again.. Keep up good work

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