Update 1 ready..almost..

Update: I found a bunch of crash areasBUT I want o submit next monday!.. apple does not review on weekends…. So… lets do this!

Update… narrowing in on one of the crashes… Pretty sure it is in the text effect thingy… =)

Hopefully Doom can test tonight again because I HAVE THE RELAY SERVER DONE ALSO!!!

Good news Relay server now also up …the last method of connection but should accommodate everyone.. course I can only afford one so latency will vary there…Hopefully very few will have to deal with that one though and will be directly connected.. all depends on your firewall…

PROOF!!! 😉

MUAHAHAHAHHAH going to be awesome!

I need to test arena with Doom.. but everything else is ready… A huge set of leak improvements!…

Well……. the test with Doom revealed the need for one more feature needed a direct relay if all else fails… 😉 Then we will be ready.. 😉 so today that needs to be added then another test with the Doom! 😉

23 thoughts on “Update 1 ready..almost..

    1. Survival mode! Just hoardes and hoardes, wave after wave!

      Now, that sounds fun! Co-op survival.

      Get this going Ryan! You have time! Haha 😉

      1. Survival would be AWESOME, and co-op survival would be even better. It’d be like C.O.D. Zombies!!

      2. but Ryan~ that thing will eventually spawn so many hoards that either you can’t move or the game crashes… 😀
        I was thinking something like a room such as the long halls on lvl 40 you know? Teleporters on each end and a 10~30 second break for players to prepare or catch their breath. (lol update 1 is fine too :P)

    1. Awesome, I think the crash bug is the most important thing to be fixed in this update. (Except the Arena, but thats not a fix)

  1. I have a idea, have a shop like on level 0 but on lvl 10 20… Etc so you don’t have to switch back and forth

    1. 😉 just time I don’t have…. ;P

      Wish I was Gameloft.. and I could say NO.. ;P..heheh…

      back to work… I need sleep soon….

  2. whoaaa I was just looking at the arena video above, and everything seems good 😀
    just one thing though, if we were all able to deal that much damage to each other, wouldn’t each match last only like seconds?

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