On the hunt

Hunting that crash bug!… found a few … not sure its the ONE.. Pretty sure I will be wrapping up this weekend as Apple does not work weekends… then submit first thing Monday!

OK.. played for an hour no issues!.. I am uploading a build for Doom and I to cehck out tonight for the arena… then I will play more this weekend to see if I can get any more crashes to fix.. Then Monday Submission

9 thoughts on “On the hunt

    1. Neo… of course… there seems to be a memory stomping bug.( Very bad thing).. I have not seen it yet myself.. but there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of lines of code in my engine.. 😉

  1. Dear god, it’s a crash fest once you unlock the chicken!

    It’s fun, but gets overwhelming, FAST! Then crash.

    Not sure I like how they spawn right on you and my bullets go beyond them. Get surrounded and basically wait to die or the crash.

    Seems hit detection is off when they are in your face.

      1. you gun fires from its actual end if it goes beyond them you will miss.. they way I draw the scene you will never actually see the gun go through them though.. Chicken is supposed to be a silly thing anyway.. maybe it likes crashing =)

        Back to work..

  2. Congrats on getting there with the update Ryan.

    I continue to enjoy your marvellous game every day even though I got a laptop capable of playing Dragon Age Origins a couple of days ago !

    I can’t wait for the Arena so I can finally meet all you people !

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