SouL_EnginE 2.0 going FAST…

I worked on some of the hash table searches I needed last night.. I am converting to a full scene graph approach now. I will have 2 main graphs an optimized and unoptimized. I will then be able to edit the un-optimized and call optimize where it batch collapses into the optimized tree. I still have to create a new texture atlaser .. but that is later after I get her rendering agian =)

Good stuff waiting on Update 1


28 thoughts on “SouL_EnginE 2.0 going FAST…

  1. So when will we get to see a shader demo with your new engine ? Anxious to check out your new tech 😉
    Did you finish the game you were going to make for fun yet 😀

    1. HAHA 😉 That game will take a few months 😉

      I am not sure.. I am going to spend a LONG time making in game tools.. I really want to produce someday a system where the users make the game. Like a minecraft but highly advanced and not the square world. =)

      1. Guess I’ll have to get an iPod 4 or just use my dads iPhone 4 after his work gives him a new phone . . . till next year ;( lol

      2. Aaaaaw… a RTS… *sigh*

        Well, I’m sure you’ll do a great job and I’ll surely take a close look at it, knowing what you’re capable of (and also because I really enjoyed DK 1 & 2 in those good old days !).

        But I must admit I obviously prefer FPRPG, mostly because of the tremendous immersion impression this type of game deals. However I can easily understand your will to create something else, after so much time spent on developing your two masterpieces so far (NR & ME of course !) =)

      3. Think of this as an engine builder -).. I am just going to be building it while I update M.E. 😉 more in next post..

  2. I have no idea what you just said but sounds exciting!! Maybe you can make tools for beta testers like myself, I spend YEARS making DoomWads and such, I can be very creative. I would love to make 3D levels for your engine, I really miss doing that, all for fun of course!

    1. That would be the design… the users create an online world.. they each have their own parcel of land and can “buy” more.. they are responsible for defending it from other players and AI.. building towers buidlings defenses.. placing AI… building a game ;).. future goal.. need far more tools to get there 😉

      I would even have a system where you could create quests and the like the rewards would have to be random. and preventing exploits would be the problem.. 😉

      1. Yea its HUGE… but if I can do M.E. then I can do that =).. just need LOTS of tools dev before and let the good times roll.. I already have a design on paper… BUT.. small game first need a break =)

      1. It has character management times each type of character and you can posses the creatures and play them in real time fps very awesome 😉

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