Future Plans :)

Update: Well the vote is going for another long term project… but pretty even.. I really want a break for a bit as the last one almost killed me.. So I will take it under advisement.. M.E. 2.0 will come either way 😉

Update: wow just got back from my 7 year olds baseball game were the other team was not only throwing their illegal bats but 2 parents literally were yelling fighting words at our coach after yelling put downs at our 7 year olds… amazing how times have changed… and how well this iPhone4 takes video that can be emailed without having to expend to much energy 😉 I love technology…

Update: Awesome stuff I have a fully functional serialization and scene graph system in just a few nights =).. all types supported and it is fast as lightning -).. Full implementation of OpenGL_ES 2.0… Now on to the shaders! I need to get the light map side of things done for this model I have as a test. =-)

Well after writing all that I think I will make a poll to see what I should do based off interest -)

While I update Mission Europa I am going to make a quick FPS rts type of game that follows Dungeon Keeper. It will be an engine builder while I update SouL_EnginE to Open_GL es 2.0… I could not tackle M.E. 2.0 ____________ (I already have a name)… It wil be made over the next few months while I update M.E. and make the changes people like ;)… No fear the next big game will be a FPRPG.. 😉 Those are my favorite and it will be a graphical beauty with all the bells and whistles out there now that I will be dropping support for anything that does not support OpenGL es 2.0 😉

So by Christmas I should be gearing up for M.E. 2… 😉 it will be more of a fantasy game with guns ;).. Think more of the old Rift universe.. The book based RPG game of old.. LOTS of BIG plans for it.. for now I need a short game that I can put 50/50 into M.E. and upgrading the engine and its tools 😉

Something like the below video… now do not forget you can go first person at anytime and posses characters to play them in first person… This is a MUCH easier game to make 😉

Of course this could all change if M.E. sales get nuts 😉 or I change my mind it is REALLY early in the process of upgrading the engine.. 😉


23 thoughts on “Future Plans :)

  1. gh3ry0n says:

    Just to be sure I didn’t miss anything :
    – you are graphically updating ME
    – while doing so you plan to create a “small” RTS dungeon keeper-like game
    – next big bang will be a FPRPG ( If sales continue it will be a sequel to Mission Europa… but in Hell… not to spoil anything 😉 with great lighting and graphics that come with an opengl upgrade =). plus I just bought an iPad 2 ;l) so I can finally target it correctly 😉

    If it’s indeed what you’re planning, well… I yet can’t wait to see all that !

    1. ryanmitchellgames says:

      No ME will only get gameplay updates and fixes like any released game ;).. I could not move ME to Opengl es 2.0 I would loose half the audience =/.

      While I work on the engine I need a project to build it and this would be the game 😉

      Yes next large project will be an amazing FPFPS with all I have learned 😉 learned from Necro and M.E. and you guys!

      1. zacardinals says:

        Thank you!! Do not do a game with the OpenGL 2.0. It won’t work on my iPod. I will not be happy.

      2. gh3ry0n says:

        Good ! Thanks for making things clear, once more =)

        Souds just like a perfect plan to me. I’m eager to see what’s coming up from you !

  2. Doom says:

    Now that you got your ipad ( nice!)..how come when I open your blog pages w mine? it won’t work? Used to untill you changed something..
    Any game will be a quest in it’s self 😉 but voted for the smaller one..summer is coming 😉

    1. ryanmitchellgames says:

      I have code that says
      if (user == “DOOM”) then Do_Not_Open_And_Erase_Drive();

      LOL.. no idea man.. this is hosted by word press on their servers.. no changes here.. maybe it is trying to goto the mobile site!..

      3.5 WEEKS until I get it wow

  3. DarkRedNinja says:

    Man I want an iPod 4 but their so expensive >_> I know the fifth gen will come thIs year imma save up for it! Oh yea 50-50 on the poll O_O lol

    1. zacardinals says:

      Me too. My B-Day is in July, so I’ll probably just wait till then and get a ton of money, then buy one. Last year I got $210 total for my B-Day.

  4. ryuseistar says:

    I do like ME very much, but I’d like to see what that other thing you are working on will turn out like : D
    bet it’s going to be another great game, keep up the good work Ryan! : P

  5. CheezyMintz says:

    Hey I have an ipod 2nd gen and there is quite a bit of frame-rate loss here and there. I know it wouldn’t be very time-worthy but is it possible you culd fix it somehow?

    1. CheezyMintz says:

      I’ve reached level 2 and the lag has become severe enough to make it virtually unplayable. It took me round 5 minutes to kill 3 creatures in level 2…

      1. ryanmitchellgames says:

        I will check it out.. I have an iphone 2n gen. I burned my ipod obviously… I could definately just make a variable a bit lower for the very slowest devices…

        That is strange though and unplayable I would not call it when I play on my device. Is anything else running? Are you jail broken?

        Update 1 will really fix all memory leaks I know of through my memory manager (will help) After Update 1 let me know how it goes….it is in review still…

        And a question as I do not know does nova 2 run on that device? Just curious about that one really.

  6. CheezyMintz says:

    I played Level 2 one more time and for some reason nothing is wrong (except for the common frame-rate issues). I do have a jailbroken ipod but I don’t believe that is causing much of an issue. I checked to make sure I have a bit of storage memory left and I have around 700mb. I also checked how much RAM(or whatever you call it on the ipod)it has left while playing and ME and it has around 19mb. I don’t have Nova 2 because of the memory it takes and I’m really not all that fond of it. I do have modern combat 2 and that has some serious lag issues.

    Thanks for the support. Your one of the few people that actually look into my problems with games…

  7. KingdomK says:

    Really interested in seeing your take on a Dungeon Keeper kind of game! But hey, either way, enjoy your well-deserved break!

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