I wish apple was more efficient…

Update: I am an idiot! ;)..yes I have the texture units needed.. even though opengl ES returns 0 avail… (BUG APPLE!!!!!) on the road again!..

Update: after much exploration I cannot get a 3rd texture unit to fire… very aggravating as this incurs huge costs otherwise..

Update: Well crap it seems my crappy old mac mini cannot support the multiple texture units I need… well the mac book pro will I will just have to test on the phone.. a time suck..

Update: Well that blogger seems to be wrong as always I read…
Found the specs finally…google fail.. 😉

Update: Aggravating…I just found out that possibly 3GS only supports 2 texture units!.. 3Gs+ is 8+ (Like it should be!) More research needed as the below is my detail shader

So now a decision..
I want the base material shader to be
(diffuse)( Specular_Map) High Res
( Normal Map ) ( HeightMap ) Low Res
( Color_Shadow_Map )( Open ) Low Res
RGB Open

Of course lots of other shaders in there but this would be the basic material for walls / floors / or anything with high relief. Sadly… 3gs non Plus do not support this…HMMM.. I am reading more on this.. that would be stupid to support opengl2 and increase the speed so much on a 3GS but leave the texture units at a terrible 2.. 😉

Reading at work, waiting on the boss to get off the phone =)..
There is no reason an update should sit for 4 days waiting in line for a review…

Good news. Last night I got the SouL_EnginE 2.0 up and buzzing.. I showed my wife (who could care less about games) A wall I made with all the bells and whistles (Minus the ambient occlusion and shadow maps). She was pretty impressed.. she even took the phone to investigate the flat polygons that looked 3d ;).. fun stuff.. LOVE IT… I so missed the high level graphics..

Back to work.. tonight my 94 year old grand mother is coming for a visit so no party party I will be on the coach with a laptop 😉

My plan on S.E. 2.0 is to finish the Ambient Occlusion and Shadow mapping. Then get the menu system moved over and rehashed. After that I will move to the batch collapsing and texture at-lasing (for shadow/ambient/singular maps).

Really exciting times with the super tech coming out now… Will consoles be able to out last these devices in a decade? Who knows..Pretty powerful stuff!..


9 thoughts on “I wish apple was more efficient…

  1. TGIF!!

    If you develop tools like a level editor for your engine, will it be Mac only? Will you need the developer’s kit? I only got a PC, a crappy one I must say, but I want to somehow be involved with any upcoming projects you will have in the future. Nothing like free labour right?! 😉 My point is I had a lot of fun having a small part creating ME, I hope I can do the same again, I’m your guy just let me know. Thanks Ryan!

    1. Even better the editor will be on these Devices 😉 you will build with an iPad or iPod or iPhone 😉

  2. I hate big time companies that are too busy worrying about stuff that makes them alot of money instead of making people happy. Kinda like Gameloft, neither companies care about fans and consumers. Hurry up Apple!!!!!

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