Apple has moved both versions to in review =)..

And I am working in opengl 2.0 =).. moving forward while we wait for the new version 😉


They really put some time into that bad boy!… WOW.. I hope it has destructible environments like 2… Wow…. stunning


26 Responses to “Apple has moved both versions to in review =)..”

  1. zacardinals Says:

    Sweet, so the update will be out soon!

  2. DarkRedNinja Says:


  3. Fireball926 Says:

    its in review can take up to 5 days sometimes

  4. Doom Says:

    Ryan, 313 minutes in new update and very *stable.. 🙂 cheers to quick release next week:)
    *ck mail for an update* Headed out to fire up the tractor and play farmer..3 acres of weeds are growing fast..happy Sunday all!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Awesome man.. I need to mow my little homestead.. but that will have to be tomorrow to caught up in this new soul_engine 😉

      • DarkRedNinja Says:

        BF3 does look sick I hope it ends CoD reign as the top fps I’m sick of the series

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I hate COD now.. so freaking boring.. run shoot die repeat… BF2 get in tank fire long range mov in take out wall drop ammo fire rockets take down building… 😉 .. so much better I DO HOPE BF3 has better character development then BF2!

      • DarkRedNinja Says:

        Halo will always remain a classic to me, loved every single game

  5. Jon Says:

    sweet that update is finally up, cod takes less skill but its stil hell lotta fun definitely love it

  6. CheezyMintz Says:

    BF3 looks amazing but I still think that Killzone 3 has better graphics =/. But it’s not all about the graphics is it, take ME for example…

  7. MrSpud Says:

    Ryan, is there anything you can do to reduce the spam on your forum? We’re getting 5-10 posts everyday, it’s really bad now. Can’t you setup some sort of system where you have to enter a code from letters/graphics you see on screen when you register? Maybe the forum needs an update? I just don’t know how to deal with the bots, I just know how to delete the crap. Thanks.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I will look into it.. sadly most of those spammers are humans getting past the stupid captcha. They sit there and are paid to just post things everywhere they can So GOOGLE sees it and boosts the search engien level of a site.. it is a huge industry .. and REALLY sucks…

  8. Kirk Says:

    Hey Ryan, this could actually get you some pretty decent publicity…

  9. Luke Says:

    You’re no 2 for the best game of the last month according to iphone quality index… nice…

  10. lightningstrikegames Says:

    Supposedly the update is out or so someone on toucharcade claims, I really hope its true.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It seems like only the update for the “Standard” edition is out according to the Touch Arcade forums. There is no indication that the “Collector’s” edition update is out yet. Hopefully it’ll be released within the next few hours….

    • gh3ry0n Says:

      Standard Ed. update is indeed online (Europe, 8:20 AM local time). I just hope the Collector Ed. update will follow soon !

  11. zacardinals Says:

    Holy CRAP, Gameloft actually did an update for something other than Retina Display. They updated Modern Combat 2 with bug fixed added multiplayer maps, and multiplayer ranks. Wow, pretty crazy.

    • Kirk Says:

      OMG, I’m actually really excited, and when I opened up the description of the update to install it it said it was already installed, but luckily I had my trusty install all button 😉

      • zacardinals Says:

        I’m pretty excited too. Im definitely gonna buy the new multiplayer map pack.

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