Standard Update out Collectors should be soon!

The magicians behind the great apple curtain have released the standard but not the collectors..

Standard people enjoy the collectors icon until update 2 =P…whoops…

Let me know the issues when both updates are out I am going to start update 2 =)….


9 thoughts on “Standard Update out Collectors should be soon!

  1. Congrats Ryan. thank you very much for all the hard work.

    I’m on quest 124. Died many times. Still every game is a learning experience and an enjoyable blast. I’ve done 4841 minutes and loved every one of them !

    Any chance we can have website updated with top 50 highest playtimes ?

    I must be in the top 50 !

    Thanks again Ryan.

      1. I spend a lot of my time playing higher than mission level and experimenting with absurd weapon combos. Hence my lack of progress. Also spent a stupid amount of time spamming the shop to help complete full armour sets. I don’t want to beat the game too quickly and have to start again.

  2. Awesome, but that stinks. Why do the standard edition games get the update first. We payed more for the collectors edition and should get the update first. It’ll probably take until tomorrow for the collectors edition to be out. Oh well.

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