Under the weather.. or really the absurd pollen levels!

They are maxed out on the chart here… usually I am ok but a sleepless drug induced night later Clarinex / nyquil / qhatever I could get my hands on… after a few hours at the day job I will be collapsing for a bit…… No idea what is taking CE so long to get done.. I will email apple later today…

Plans for Free try it out version…
I was planning on shoe horning Standard Edition into a free version that you exapand but I cannot come up with a fool proof way of not screwing people who already bought it ;/

So the current plan would be to take a week and put out a free version with:
– The first 12 Quests.
– The first 3 Levels. ( including reyem )
The limitations would be items that cost me money in the end:
– NO mailbox
– NO Arena
– NO Online character stats.

It would be free and on each load the first time in town toss the nag screen offering CE or Standard.

Then when you complete the last quests the same thing. Nag screen offering the versions…I think this is the best route as I do think a LARGE audience would really like M.E.

I just need time to do it.. =).. Once update 1 is fully out I will start collecting issues for Update 2 and while I do that I will start the free version ;)..

After much thought I should have had just one version with all IAP to do everything.. But I wanted to experiment ;)…


13 Responses to “Under the weather.. or really the absurd pollen levels!”

  1. Doom Says:

    Go get an allergy shot..they really work..I have to get them every year around now 😦

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Man I looked at the charts and out of 12 points we are at 11.2… wow.. I would need an elephant shot 😉

      I usually do not get like this.. Clarinex D to the rescue now.. except for the stinking cloudy head feeling 😉

      • zacardinals Says:

        Ya, my allergies are HORRIBLE. All day it’s looked like I’ve been crying because of my itchy, watery eyes. And I’ve had to get up to get a tissue every five minutes.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I was like that until I downed a Clarinex D.. its prescription but I have samples ;).. works great if not for the fuzzy feeling..

      • zacardinals Says:

        I take Zyrtec. It works great, I sometimes take eye drops too when my eyes get really bad.

  2. S. Tackett (Daddytang) Says:

    I’m in north eastern Kentucky and there is a yellowish film on everything.. My poor wifes head looks like it could pop.. Lol I’m one of the lucky few that it has never seemed to bother much.. It will be this way here for another 14-21 days at least.. Right about the same time apple puts out the C.E. update… Lmao

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      O my!.. I will stay in Texas then… I miss AZ.. no such thing as plant life ;P…

      Getting better slowly.. I just hate the drugs.. I cannot think ;).. I am confused as to why CE has not been released yet..

    • zacardinals Says:

      Ooooh I’m glad I’m not there.

  3. Fireball926 Says:

    Ryan name it Mission Europa: First Encounter 😀

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