Still waiting on CE..

Update: scattered showers of reports CE is out.. crosses fingers πŸ˜‰

While we wait I am moving on SouL_EnginE II .. it really is coming along.. tonight I will be finishing the lighting manager. (pretty simple).. then moving back to menu management. The whole system is working off of a scene graph. I love it. A small small sacrifice of speed for amazing abilities and a small code base… worth it… πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Still waiting on CE..

  1. Its out here in Wisconsin (ok well technically it didn’t show up in the update section, but it let me download the game by hitting the buy button again).

  2. Oh my FREAKING GOSH!!!!!!!! They actually released the update!!!!!! I have been waiting for this for so long!!!!!! I check the update section on the AppStore like five times a day to see if the update is there. And it finally showed up!!!!! When I saw the M.E. icon show up in the update section, my heart almost came out of my mouth!!!! I couldn’t believe the update is finally here!!!!!

  3. This stinks, I’ve tried to play in the arena, and there’s no one on my level to play with me. Oh well, I’ll just have wait until I get a higher level. And Ryan now that your done with the update, do you mind sending me around 70 small gold? I need 100 for a quest and I only have like 25. It’ll take FOREVER to get all that gold.

      1. Thanks, that would’ve taken me HOURS. Thanks to you, I just made it to the orbital platform.

  4. Uh Ryan, I don’t think the update did anything. The game has crashed 3 times since I downloaded the update.

    1. There were many fixes there is still a crash bug… Doom had 376 minutes straight no crash… you must have found the one still there.. let me know what is happening on the crash please =)

      1. Um not much, the game just randomly crashed, it freezes for like a second goes black, and then goes back to the home screen.

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