Free version done.. bugg hunting now! ;)

Found another crash bug… a release on apples AV system… nice..

And another… wow.. they finally started popping on me =)

Tempted to toss this into the next game =)

Easy stuff.. (not sure what the resource drain is using the camera) Just take picture brighten look for high contrast areas (Eyes and mouth) then orient camera to match.. simple enough.


9 thoughts on “Free version done.. bugg hunting now! ;)

  1. Whos getting the new Mortal Kombat on tuesday? I am DEFIANTLY! I am so excited, :] Mission Europa made the time go by fast for waiting for this game 😀

  2. I would like to know your ost favorite experience in the game or encounter ;).. helps with future games

  3. Hey Ryan remember that app I was talking about like a month ago, TheGameTrail, the one that has trailers and game play videos of a bunch of different games? And remember how I said I submitted M.E. To them so that they might put a video of it on their app? Well after like a month and a half, they finally put out an M.E. video!!!

  4. Now

    would be awesome with what I have now in SouL_EnginE 2.. =).. looking very pretty with all the effects on =)

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