Arena server offline…

Onto Collision with the new SouL_EnginE tonight in between hunting crash bugs… the New SouL_Engine and the complete rehash will NOT have these issues =).. so much learned last go around.. K.I.S.S. has always been my motto now it goes into overdrive. =) CONTAINMENT!

Update: Arena server back up!.. They had to reboot it.. (crappy hardware)

Until my hosting service gets back with me.. I think it is a billing issue… Not cheap!.. This is where pirates hurt =).. using resources and not paying for them..

I will have it back up soon..


10 thoughts on “Arena server offline…

  1. There has to be a way to do something mean to those guys….can’t you send them the laughing happyface virus when their stats update or at least make the stats of non payees blank or they look like cheaters…?
    I hate Mondays……and pirates 😦

    1. Mondays are not my favorite day either =)…

      Nothing much you can do Apple could EASILY implement a ticket system for purchases and we could really stop a lot of them. Even more so with the multi-player side =)..

  2. What about that pirate stopping code you had in the beginning, would it be worth it to try putting it in again, even just some of it? Ugh I hate pirates…

    1. Not really sadly one of the 9 methods I was using stopped apple from testing it… SO.. It would take 1.5 weeks every submission trying to figure out which one… 😉

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I just bought the game and I am a development volunteer serving in Peru (aka – I make next to nothing). So any of those assholes that pirate this game have no possible excuse for doing so. I appreciate your hard work and the reason your game is getting so much hype is because you have obviously put a tremendous amount of work into it and you care about your users.

    Thank you 🙂

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