BOTH VERSIONS UPLOADING… I am testing while they do and can pull them if I find anything.. We get a couple day jump this way..

Update 2 done.. just playing now.. I will test more tomorrow.. then ship it between now and friday.. I have not had any crashes.. That does not mean I do not still have some in there.. 😉

Need to recheck skills and armor set bonus..

Update 2 targets:
– Level items capped to 50 and strange effects fixed.
– FIXED: do not destroy items on create fail
– FIXED: When casting spells with less than enough energy remaining drains your energy back to zero. This can be annoying especially with town portal spells.
– FIXED condition desc.
– ADDED : Armor sets adding more of a boost (+25% for a full set!)
– FIXED (WAS ADDING TO REGEN NOT HEALTH) Vitality seems not to do anything looking at the stats. Should be a passive skill to make sense, but even as an active skill it doesn’t change the number of health points I have.
– FIXED (WAS ADDING HELTH NOT REGEN ENERGY) Vigor according to the stats doesn’t change the speed of Mana regeneration either… Should be a passive skill too… Even as an active skill the energy used up by it is actually stalling the regeneration…
-FIXED DESCRIPTION it is percent and you have to use it.. your item will move to the middle of the screen – Single Handed… Is this an active skill? What is it actually doing? At level 4 it states DMG +25 (%??? Because 25 hitpoints would be not that helpful at higher levels…) Next level is stated as DMG +25.
-FIXED Decrease rate of fire for .223 rifles. They are more accurate and fires faster than pistols. This alone almost renders pistols in general inferior (due to rifle’s higher dps and more constant accuracy) unless one finds himself a pistol with substantially higher power.
-FIXED – Block: No indication of changes between current level (3.5) and next level
-FIXED – Seal of Reflect: Not really sure what this is supposed to do… Quote from the app: “Releasing this seal will reflect damage caused by you back to the attacker.” Does that mean that my attack will end up hurting me?
-FIXED In correspondence, increase rate of fire/power for .308 and .410 rifles. They have a much lower dps compared to the .223 rifles. With the previously mentioned dooms eye bug/issue, these rifles are inefficient and time consuming in dealing with monsters.
-FIXED (CONE FIXED, YOU CAN FIRE FAST BY TAPPING) Increased fire rate for chain guns and smaller cone of fire. They feel pretty underwhelming when compared to chain guns in other games, unless the current design is meant to be substantially different from others.

Working on…
-CANNOT REPRODUCE -You missed? – Noogaadlous doesn’t indicate any damage… Has a huge recovery time though… Much longer than Psychic Push

– Heal: Seems to have had a dip after upgrading it to 1.5 and 2.0… And is sometimes not working at all (I had mentioned that before)… Most easily detectable when using it to top off the health bar after a fight… Only consumes mana then…


31 thoughts on “UPDATE 2 WILL INCLUDE

      1. In Update 1 I rewrote the server and client for arena.. a month long task normally in a week.. ;0

  1. Wow! Nice to see you putting our feedback to very good use!! Thank you!

    In regards to NOOGAADLOUS skill: Sorry if was not more precise: I was missing the description of damage etc in the info… It was working quite well! But a lot slower refresh than Psychic Push.


  2. Wow, Ryan! You are a speed demon! 😉

    Can you please check on the Level 50 items as well! I still experience about level 9 – 10 stats on the armor and weird modifiers (instead of e.g. “Thirsty” it says “Worm Hide”, this is not for in store items only.

    Thank you!


  3. Awesome update – you’re constantly outdoing yourself!! Were you able to find the “failed transaction” bug by any chance?

  4. I’m not sure if you got that one but when you use regen/health skills on yourself, you activate passive skills, like infection and such…

    How’s the weather in Texas? We had a bit of snow last night here in Ontario, I’m getting really sick of this crap, Texas is starting to sound good!!

    I loved the demo wall, now where’s the rest of the dungeon?! 😉 Things are looking good!

  5. How’s the weather in Texas ?. Rare sunshine in the UK!

    Thanks for adding full set bonus.

    Love you mate – it was my idea ! So stoked.

    Even more reason to get the full set !

      1. Don’t worry about that – enjoy the sunshine ! I’m so happy you put the bonus in. Off to collect my next full set !

  6. In the collector’s edition it says we can wear enemy skins… Any chance we’ll be seeing more of these skins? Like the aliens or the transparent winged skeletons? Gotta save something for the sequel, I suppose ;]
    Anyways, I’m loving the game, and I thank you for creating such an amazing fps/rpg for the iPod! Keep it up!

    1. There are 12 now at least… x2 standard. not in the plans right now =).. sales are king though.. if they pick up I could dedicate more time to M.E. expansion right now it is 50 / 50.. pirates suck….

      1. Ugh,pirates.

        Getting as many friend as I can on the M.E. Bandwagon! So many people are missing out on such an astounding game..

      2. Well, at least they don’t go down and down and down. They stay the same. That’s okay, I guess. I mean I don’t know really anything about this stuff, but, with the game costing 10 dollars, or 4 dollars, you’d get a good amount of money.

  7. Well it is more stable for sure I have not tested the armo bonus stats but it was one line of code 😉 i will see if j can test it this weekend 😉

  8. Ummm… FYI there’s another developer called Bryan Mitchell, he developed gears and gears 2, on iOS, not GOW… Just a strange kawinkydink

  9. I love this game but I can never find anyone in the arena! I’m level 25 and I still haven’t had one arena match. Maybe it’s because not a lot of people are on at once? I suggest making the collectors edition on sale for a week maybe, that will get M.E more players and will shoot it up the charts.

    1. A waiting system would be good. Where you register then when you are challenged it pulls you in.. Standard may see sales.. Collectors will not for some time (made a promise long story)

  10. I can’t speak for everyone, but I plan to spread the word on ME as best I can. I kept seeing it in the App Store and wondering why everyone seemed to love it. It wasn’t until the free version came out that I finally tried it and came to realize what all the fuss was about. After I clear up some space on my phone I’ll be grabbing the Collectors Edition and writing up what I can only assume will be a glowing review.

    Keep up tue great work!

  11. The M.E pirated versions you find online can be removed, if you click on the “report this file” tab (or something related to that) in the file download screen and prove you’re the developer of the game the site will remove it. Hope that helps! I hate seeing a great game like this pirated 😦

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