Free version = bad idea again

Note to devs… Now twice I regret making a free version….

It gives those that would never like your game a chance to speak negatively everywhere. It hurts your sales. It hurts your ratings. It hurts your mindset. Just a bad idea over all.

My example I have 120 weapons and skills with decent graphics( I had to support the atari of devices ). Yet I am compared to games with really shiny graphics with 5 weapons no armor sets, no diversity, no originality etc…. Tough when you put your life in something. Without the free version you get people that know they like the genre. They know what they are getting. Thus their input is much more valuable…. I am thinking very heavily of pulling the free version. This is a labor of love not a monetary venture ( as if you can make a living in this market ).

If you have friends that might like a free trail you might ask them
To try soon as I and the M.E. Community do not
Deserve the free version riff raff πŸ˜‰

What do y’all think?

Not to mention a rough day my son broke his arm on a trampoline… 5 hours in the Er later and 1500 dollars later we have a plaster cast and some pictures of the fracture ;(

Baseball season over poor guy ;(


14 thoughts on “Free version = bad idea again

  1. If you are getting bad vibes then pull it, but I dont like to see a bunch of haters dictate this games has a solid 5 star rating..most people with any wits will see past any version will make people on the fence fall one way or another..
    Sign that cast for me πŸ™‚ ouch:(

  2. Sad if people find your hard work unappreciated. I bought the Collector’s Edition from day one and have found it quite a blast to play. It’s depth and craft is rare, and all together lacking in the App store of 5 minute clones.

    I do hope time will change the attitude of the masses, and this game sees itself in the top 25 of the App store.

    Your work is not missed nor unappreciated.

  3. HAPPY EASTER! haha I was almost crying on the floor from the atari joke lol! Hope your sons arm heals quick!

  4. Easter!!!!!! Yyayayayayayay…. Broken arm… Naynaynay…. That sucks 😦 I hope he gets well soon, Best Wishes from the Corwin family πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks guys I am going to give it a few days and see how I feel…. right now I am in the pull it mode.. We do not need the headaches from the haters… we will see in a few days… anyway while waiting for update 2 I am going to take a break and work on SouL_EnginE 2.0….

    Relaxing for me =)

  6. Trampolines are a blessing for doctors, they make a good living as long as they are around! Also 1500$ for a broken arm?! The cold weather in Canada is starting to sound better and better, gotta love the free healthcare!! That really sucks though…

    In my personnal opinion I think ME did just like I thought it would, it appeals to a very specific hardcore audience but not much beyond that. It sounds like you know what people want but you end up doing what you like in the end. It’s nice to see you have integrity and do what you love, but you said it yourself many times, people want 0.99$ super polished games with 2-3 hours of content.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad you made ME and so are many other people, you created a community! It’s a very fun and unique game but if you’re out to make money, I would take a different route. Or hire an artist, no offence but it would free up a lot of your time, maybe one of your kid is a young prodigy? πŸ˜‰

    As for the free version, I say any publicity is good publicity. Hardcore players Vs Casual players?! πŸ™‚

    1. Yea no kidding I said no at our house.. we are at the in-laws =).. costs them nothing ;).. I have an HSA I am very happy with.. I HOPE.. I did get the accidental coverage then it would be 100 bucks.. I need to see if the day job Secretary filed it right.. (if you want it done right…)

      Not sure on the free version yet =)..

      Next game will blow your mind in graphics.. I finally can do what I want ;).. No money for artist _YET_… but the limitations were really the devices I supported..

      Warm here but tornadoes predicted the next 3 days… STRANGE when now they are giving percentage chances a tornado will land within 50 miles of you… we have a 7/10 chance the next 4 days… so does that mean the range decreases to 10 miles or so??? Strange….

  7. Know you’re wanting to pull the free version, but right now it’s sitting in the top 100 free rpg games in the app store – so that’s gotta be worth something! Congrats on that and Happy Easter!

  8. Ryan, please don’t let the haters get you down. A free version helps people jump off the fence more quickly. I bought the Collector’s Edition on faith, because I wasn’t able to try it out beforehand. Thankfully, I love it! However, I have friends who would never do that. Free versions help to sway people and probably do more (in the long run) to increase sales than decrease them.

  9. No dont pull the free version! Its the only thing that convinced me to buy it. I like the genre and i had heard many glowing reviews. But im somewhat particular about certain aspects of a game(like its controls) that i can only verify are good by playing a demo. That is especially an issue for indie games like yours, where i dont have brand trust. I feel that, although having a free version would invite some reehards to poorly review your game, it would allow many, many more to try out the game and enjoy it. Also, sorry to hear about your son! Damn commie trampolines

    1. Awesome.. I am moving towards not pulling it.. it seems to be changing lots of opinions of people that might appreciate it =)

  10. Please don’t pull the free version…it helped me decide to buy the full collectors edition πŸ™‚ Ignore the bad comments on itunes, no matter what you produce someone will always criticise it. Unless the asking price is a measly .59p (0.99c US) then I won’t jump in and buy an App I don’t know. The free version really helped me to decide to fork out some decent hard earned cash for the collectors edition. Thanks for such an amazing game!

  11. Hello Ryan,
    I guess you won’t notice a direct impact on sales of paid versions but a free version is always a plus in the long run. Also, it means you will probably have a higher rate of good comments for the paid versions, since likely only those who liked the free version will purchase it. And from what I saw, the reviews are not that bad πŸ™‚
    If there were no bad reviews at all it would seem suspect actually.

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