Would a 3 Day sale of 7.99 for collectors upset people I am getting inundated in email/forums for a sale after the free version release….

After creating games for well over ten years.. It has always come down to graphics.. ;).. so next game will be a power house of pretty =).. I hope to be getting some screens up soon.


Please discuss =).. open design =)

Update 2 for M.E. should be soon then Update 3 starts =)….


25 thoughts on “Graphics!

  1. I hate to be a cheap bastard but any chance of some sort of sale on the CE? Liked the lite but $10 is quite expensive with so many other games like Portal 2 taking up my mind.

    1. Thanks to a very very persistent user on Touch Arcade I made a price promise on CE..It will be a bit before ti drops sadly.. I would love to.. but then that person would come back to raise the hell he did at launch =/ it is in the main thread over there somewhere …

      Standard you only loose the enemy skins and if you are not going to do arena it is totally worth it to buy that one if 9.99 is to high.. =-)

      Your not a cheap _b_ .. I would ask the same =)…

      1. It’s like I have to get all the DLC for every game I play…knowing there is something I can’t get depresses me. Also, the teleport anywhere factor is too cool imo.

        I would have got it with an iTunes voucher…but 3DS games (because I surprisingly got one as a gift) plus Portal 2/Crysis 2 etc has really killed my funds.

        Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get it in the future, whether you do have a price drop (I hope, even if it is just a dollar or two), but I wish you all the best. It is a good game, one you HAVE to try because screenshots just give all negative impressions.

        And market the Fallout relation more. Made junkies like me instatry. 😉

    2. i agree. some people like me would like to experience the game but the high price in the app store environment is too much. regardless of whether you want people to experience your game or for monetary reasons, youre going to have to lower the price a bit. the game is worth $10, but to many consumers who demand 99c games, $7 is too much, let alone 10.

      maybe ask the community. should the game go on sale to allow more to experience or stay at the current price because you deserve it for your work (which you do). doing that may not seem like such a greddy ass move from persistent people. you do not know how frustrating it can be wanting a game but being unable to get it.

      1. Sure we will have a vote here.. and a sale is not a price drop is it =).. a couple bucks off or something.. its so much game for the buck =)

        Poll on its way…

  2. I read the Wiki and I like the idea! I’m sure you’ll put a lot of hard work into this game just like M.E. I noticed you need names for the races of enemies. For the mechanical enemy that requires human souls and resources you could call them “The Abaddon”. I learned in history that it’s Hebrew meaning “to destroy”. History class actually came in handy today! Just a suggestion though 🙂

  3. So you took my suggestion of doing a sale. 😉
    (If I was the one to come up with the idea. You probably were going to do a sale any way, I bet)

    1. And I didnt want a sale just for more arena players. I think that you seem like a nice guy, and that M.E. and you deserve more popularity on the AppStore because M.E. Is a GREAT game, and you are one of the best game devs (and always very involved in the community and trying to make M.E. users happy) I have ever bought a game from. And I’m not just trying to kiss-up to you. I really mean all that stuff.

  4. Any chance of a cleaner icon with just a banshee on it? too much text = cluttered = ugly. Only major complain graphically.

  5. ;).. I am leaning that way unless a few users really get mad.. it is not a price change just a short sale..

  6. Regardless of what you do you’re going have complainers. Anyone who think you shouldn’t have a sale is selfish, there’s no doubt in my mind that A LOT more people would like to see your game on sale Vs those who don’t.

  7. Hey, it’s high time to change those screenshots..what happened to the user submissions? Maybe they do need some new eyes 😉

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