Still waiting on the update…

Wow.. this is taking forever…

Tonight.. SouL_EnginE 2.0 and the new game.. Pretty soon (next few days) I should have a shot of the “Cryogenic Nano-Bot Tank”…


7 thoughts on “Still waiting on the update…

  1. Requiescat says:

    I ❤ Lv. 50 Demon Aegis (bone)!!! I'm loving the update!

    Did you notice that you have two different armor sets called Demon Aegis? O.o

  2. Kirk says:

    Today was a big game day, mission Europa update, solomons boneyard update, unpleasant horse released, and surveillant got an update which includes decent water effects!

  3. zacardinals says:

    Ya it’s out. But it was weird because it said it was already installed, and it said everything update one said when you download it. O well, I just clicked install all.

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