Still waiting on the update…

Wow.. this is taking forever…

Tonight.. SouL_EnginE 2.0 and the new game.. Pretty soon (next few days) I should have a shot of the “Cryogenic Nano-Bot Tank”…


7 thoughts on “Still waiting on the update…

  1. I ❤ Lv. 50 Demon Aegis (bone)!!! I'm loving the update!

    Did you notice that you have two different armor sets called Demon Aegis? O.o

  2. Today was a big game day, mission Europa update, solomons boneyard update, unpleasant horse released, and surveillant got an update which includes decent water effects!

  3. Ya it’s out. But it was weird because it said it was already installed, and it said everything update one said when you download it. O well, I just clicked install all.

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