A decent work day on Cursed Realms.

I was actually able to work during the daytime on C.R. =). I have a few days off so I can work at my leisure a little. I fixed a bug where Axis Aligned Bounding volumes were returning a hit time based off a non normalized vector and the triangle collision was. That let me find a few other issues. Now I have two oppsoing turrets that hate each other. If the user then digs a piece out exposing the new turret then it will find out if it can see it and attack. The unit then explodes in a gratifying explosion. It may not sound like much. But with that and a few tweaks here and there with different models and combat settings I have the basis of all traps and AI in the game =).. All of which serializes off a main database file very nicely. I will try to post some pics when I get something interesting like a soldier walking in front of a mini-gun =). Soon I want to concentrate on getting the first person side running so you can play in First person or just tour your dungeon =).

Have a great night all I am taking this night off with the family =)..

I am still floating in the clouds with the Touchgen R.P.G. Game of the year win =) FREAKING AWESOME!


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