Another day!

Again guys if you are new this is VERY early and unfinished. I like to share as I go hoping for ideas and input =).

Yea! =)..

Turrets in and working. With effects!…
They use the same AI systems as everything else so here is what they do.
1. Serialize from the loaded database.
2. Save and load to a level file with the same code.
3. Hunt in the general area for targets. Via open pathways. Walls and doors obstruct search
4. Test to see if they can see them.
5. If found then start the combat update chain.
6. Charge (start spinning)
7. Attack. (perform combat math. Apply to both targets. Add effects for hit from turret.)
8. If target dies erase from graph. Then add explosion effect.
9. Resume search for enemies.

Now finally I am going to go back to the design doc and do some refactoring after watching hours of Dungeon keeper while I worked. Tomorrow I hope to get into making and remaking the 3 human types. (Medic/Researcher,Engineer/Maker,Soldier).

The engine is really progressing every asset is taking a good percentage less time to get in game with the new tools and methods I am gaining along the way!

For now off to the gym and time to enjoy a half day off!… A few tots and some Skyrim sounds good after the gym.. Then a bar tonight with wife and friends!.. A good day I must say!

I am about half way done reworking the classes =).. Much simpler and this will allow me to concentrate on making them all awesome and not just a bunch of them.


3 Responses to “Another day!”

  1. Doom Says:

    Guns and explosions yay 🙂
    Hope you and your family have a great and safe new year Ryan..don’t party too much..we need those brain cells to make games=D

    • Anonymous Says:

      I like your game

      • ryan Says:

        Thank you Anon! =).. And you also Doom =).. My brain cells have been party rocking to much this holiday =O.. But tonight I hope to keep it down with just a neighborhood party -=)..

        Happy new years!

        I am going to work on the docs again this morning.. really start to tighten down on a goal =)

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