Can I get a Hells Yea!

With the new tools I BURNED through making this Human Medic!

Please remember the stinking simulator is 100x slower then on a device with these shaders (and other assembly code)….So please ignore the frame rate it SCREAMS I promise…

I am very happy with the result of a few hours work!… I mean this guy will normally be seen from 30 feet in the air in an arial view. Unless of course you choose to romp around in first person =)… Exciting! I now am going to tackle the walk, attack, and use animations… More later as I go..

WOW.. really moving.. next the walk loop animation… 😉


I am going to get to the idle model next. After that I will be moving to getting the new Medic into the game AI and setup =).
Good stuff!


5 Responses to “Can I get a Hells Yea!”

  1. Doom Says:

    Hellyeah 😉

  2. Wyatt White Says:

    You can gets a hellz Yeah

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