Time to do that second run on the art!

Tonight I think will be a late night. I am ready to rock this thing with all the holidays out of the way and the !@#$!ing Cowboys losing to N.Y. (15 YEARS OF CRAP COWBOYS!!!). .. . Argh.. I plan on finishing the Human Medic as this is the first character you will get. I then will go about getting level one working finally. I do not see to many tools needed from there. After I get level 1 working I will do a sound pass. Then finally one last pass from title to level 1. I then may pick up a few testers for general game input on what is fun works and what does not.. =).. I would LOVE to have a spread of hard core RPG fans, to hard core FPS fans, to Hard Core defense game fans…then I might be able to land somewhere in the middle =)…

For now the day job!
Happy new year!

Here is the first stage of the NEW medic/human… This is the layout I work off of.
Here is my process for Characters.

1. Model
2. UV
3. Paint detailed map of how it looks.
4. Bring it into gimp and work with the layout and real textures to create
A. Color map
B. Normal Map
C. Height Map (Use Height Map to Generate Displacement Map that I bring back into Blender to create the normal map as you must disturb the UVs as they are on the model.)
D. Specular Map
E. Glow Map

—-Export here and test in engine with shader. Then process step 1-4 until satisfied.
5. Rig up the bones
6. Paint weights
7. Animate
—-Export here and test in engine. Then process step 5-7 until satisfied.
Done πŸ˜‰

Here is stage 3 for the medic

(click for larger image)

Here is the Displacement map version that will be used to generate the normal maps for my engine =)


5 Responses to “Time to do that second run on the art!”

  1. Doom Says:

    Woot, I know a few that would love to help πŸ˜‰ glad to see you made it thru the holiday unscathed sir πŸ™‚

  2. MrSpud Says:

    I know one too! I’m ready when you are!

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