Neat day job day

Hehehe. What a day yeterday. I got a character from model to animated in game in one evening. Today the day job may hold me late however I do plan on having another killer evening. I will be making a test level and starting to follow the level script I have on the wiki for the design docs.

First I will go back through the script and see if I can add any more awesome before I start to create the level. I am starting to get excited! The ease of creation really is getting me going. For now off to a site visit for the day job. Hope you all have a great day! More later…..

Interesting day… Today I met some very nice and interesting people in Dallas. It was for the day job and another topic sprang up and that was the fact that I could create a 3D world and with the use of 1 ipad2 and 1 tv per station create a 3D simulated world of any type with each tv/ipad being a window into that world. Then one Ipad could be the control station and server for the world. So that one iPad controller could switch worlds or stimulate fish for example to eat dance or frenzy……anyway very interesting and something I have kinda wanted to do. Back to the game at hand =)…


2 Responses to “Neat day job day”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    The return of the taxes?!

    Going back to work sucks…very cold here, forgot to plug the truck (block heaters are great IF you plug them) guess you don’t have to worry about that, at least hockey is on, young team Canada taking on the Russians tonight, classic!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      ARGH the tax man… o man.. if most people only knew the percentage they really paid..

      Customer taxed when he spends money on company.
      Company taxed when company receives money.
      Company taxed when company gives money to employee.
      Employee taxed when they receive money.
      Employee taxed when spending money or capital gains.

      Are we stupid? 😉

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