I love my scene graph…

This morning before I hit the shooting range with some friends I got some very good optimizations in. With my scene graph I can just print out the scene and inspect how the updates are occuring per node and the rendering per node =).. really good stuff! With a few waves of the magic wand I went from 3000 batches to 16 in a starting out blank level with the ground there. I will be doing more of the same now. I need to alter what nodes are updaing as some do not need updates unless there is a change in a node underneath. Man this is good stuff, and I cannot wait for the future this engine is amazingly good at doing what others out there do not. Most engines are optimized for the hallway runs as I call them. I worked on one called Men of Valor back in the day. These are the games that have basically hallways you go down that are super detailed museum pieces. I love these games like Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare, however I want to get to sandbox games like crysis or gta. This engine will get me there =). Unreal and a modified quake 3 engine (MW3) don’t really allow more then what they are designed for, however they do what they are supposed to do EXTREMELY well. Anyway enough of the random ramblings I have some optimizing to do as I am still working towards the first playable level. =)


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