Shader time..

Today I hope to get a video up of a new shader I am putting together for intros. I already have what I call shader mods which are just different functions I can attach to shaders that alter the input variables. One of those mods takes key frames. I am going to take a shader that is a basic fragment color * input color deal and add a fuzz to it. When your AI unit is loading I want things to be waking up. I want it to go through all three color channels with some fuzzing for the first 3 seconds of a level then revert to the normal bloom texture. I should have a video soon. After that I will need to move on to the sound system most probably so level one can get done. I am currently just going step by step through the level one script here ( )

A video later I hope =)


3 Responses to “Shader time..”

  1. Doom Says:

    No rest for you even on a Sunday, eh? You are a workaholic I think..looking forward to the vid and your sounds 😀
    Have a great Sunday Ryan!

    • ryan Says:

      Hope ya feel better =).. Denver at my night tonight… wow what a freaking game.. I am still shooting for a video but we shall see I am just now getting back to it… WOW Tebo pulled off a big win.. what a first play of overtime, Best game of the weekend =)

  2. ryan Says:

    thinking video tomorrow… to much turbulence tonight =)…

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