Keep on Keeping on…. =)

Here is the start of the level script:

version 1
string name |_s_Mission1|
string headNode |true|
string type |SGT_SCRIPT|

Here is the script in the database for a shader mod that does the fuzzing:

(ignore the number on the keys that really does not matter and is just for me in testing =) )

Pretty easy as EVERYTHING follows this design. Heck you could place in a scene graph in either one and have it hang off there for reference later. Soon I will get that video of it working =)

I like it of course again the simulator is SLOOOOOOOW so ignore the frame rate =)…That is the first test of its use I want to add more distortion but next is the sound stuff for level 1 =)

different version … still not happy.. but I will work on it later for tonight sound stuff \=)

OK I need to quit messing with this shader =P… but here it is… I will have the level name fading in over it and the intro playing =)….

Upgrading XCode wish me luck…. always a nightmare. The reason I am updating is even on this BEAST of a laptop it chugs when working… I am hoping they have some optimizations.. So I am hoping the night is not lost but we shall see!


This had to be the EASIEST integration I have ever had!….Both xcode 5.0 and the ObjectAL… so far Object AL is a dream come true. A lot of my crashes in Mission Eruopa were due to the audio interface which ObjectAL fixes… they even mention severe troubles with OpenAL, IOS, and the severe lack of docs.

Anyway off to watch the game!.. GO LSU!


2 Responses to “Keep on Keeping on…. =)”

  1. lightningstrikegames Says:

    The fuzz shaders are sweet, especially like the first one.

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Thanks!… I agree the first one gives more of the broken impact…

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