Moving on level 1

Like I said it is MOVING!…. 20 minutes and I have a animating menu showing the level and name =)… what do yall think? .. I am not happy with the colors I like the shapes though =)


Today I need to get the mission intro menu effect in. Then keep moving in on getting the level in. That includes perfecting methods to accelerate the other levels and adding tools as I go =)….

Tomorrow I get to go back to Texas A&M where I got my bachelors and masters to see my old outfit Squadron One Husling one the Flying Tigers get re-instated! I was in the corps of cadets there all the way through. Truly the best period of my life by far. I am excited they are brave enough to bring back the huslers if not under a different name. We were disbanded a few years after I left due to might we say disciplinary actions =)… whoop!.. I still love the shirts I have. We had a logo R.A.M.F. which we told the brass ment Ready And Motivated Freshman. We all knew it ment Red Ass Mother F-ers =P… O the good old times… So tomorrow no game work or day job woot!

More later time willing I hope to get a video up of the menu so I can get more input like Doom gave yesterday =)..


5 Responses to “Moving on level 1”

  1. Kirk Says:

    I actually like the colors, really like the shapes, simple is nice, no fancy fonts, maybe have different colors for different levels, or maybe once you get to a certain point the colors change to something else, like red and yellow or green and blue, or brown and grey.

  2. Rand Barrett Says:


    This might be strange but I saw this picture in a Google search and I was wondering if you have any other outfit logos or maybe a higher resolution version of this one.

    I’m a hardass Huslin’ 1 Pisshead and my buddies and I are trying to make some hoodies for ourselves and I am proponent of including RAMF, hence I stumbled upon this picture!

    Thanks and Gig Em’!

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