Still pushing towards level 1…

My goals tonight are to get the web uploader back up and running so I can edit levels anywhere. Then I will get back to attempting to create the level on the devices. 😉

Skyrim is in my top ten games of all time…and that is saying something. I cannot beleive the amount of work that was put into it. I know as I worked on an MMO for 2 years. The amount of content in Skyrim is astonishing….

Update: All level 1 story audio in =).. made a lot of progress tonight =)…along with the simple upload gig so I can save my work anywhere. =)


9 Responses to “Still pushing towards level 1…”

  1. lightningstrikegames Says:

    Hey I just released my first game Infinity^3, its a dual-stick shooter that combines melee and ranged combat. If you have a chance it’d be awesome if you could check it out and tell me what you think, it would be good to get the opinion of a proffesional game developer. Thanks.

  2. warkiwi Says:

    infinity 3 look quite good

    • lightningstrikegames Says:

      Thanks, its officially out in the AppStore now. Oh and I apologize Ryan if I’m kind of hijacking your comment section about my game.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Anytime man I love hearing from ya =).. I will try to get it today 😉

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I must say way better then my first game attempt =).. How was working with unity? I just dislike being bound by other peoples software =/

      • lightningstrikegames Says:

        Thanks. I really like unity, although I really wasn’t doing anything advanced enough to come up against unity’s limits, nor would I even begin to be able to understand how to write my own engine lol, maybe someday.

  3. lightningstrikegames Says:

    Oh and wow thanks for the inclusion about my game in your post!

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