Mission Europa Weekend =)

Update: Found a crash!… in OpenAL! ARGH I KNEW IT!… black boxes…. My son found it while playing!…Ok replacing that old trash with the new stuff =).. course that means a total project upgrade fun!…

Update: Working through 149 warnings that popped up with the new SDK. Nice =)…. so far with the fixes no crashes…

Update: Last night was a brain cell burn only … hanging with some friends seeing how inebriated I could get… now I am paying for it =)… However, 5.0 is installing on the devices and testing will start very soon. It takes quite a while to install. I may end up installing the new sound system into Mission Europa as I am pretty sure it is a large cause of the problems but we shall see with some testing =).. More later… and I cannot wait to get back to Cursed realms things are really starting to move and look better every day =)….

I plan on this weekend being the weekend I upgrade all projects to 5.0 and get some serious testing done on Mission Europa Starting tonight =). A good sign is I left cursed realms running ALL NIGHT and things were smooth as silk this morning =O… If only I used this design on Mission Europa instead of another design I learned from the old Unreal Tech. My new design runs off VERY small code chunks all working internally in a contained pattern. Therefore I can place a bunch of smaller items together like legos to make something much larger and robust. Along with a heavily increased debugging ability. Add to that the simple serialization and de-serialization and I am VERY happy with cursed realms…. I plan on posting some work on cursed today if possible as the day job is ramping up a bit. Tonight will be M.E. and me in a debug-athon =)… I am super excited with Cursed Realms but getting back to the M.E. universe could be fun for a bit =)….. more when time permits.

Here is a pic from last night. No art is final but for now the helper will look like that eye there… don’t want to give away to much about the helper =)..

Actually I am going to add a fuzzy effect to that eye window also =)..

Here is the wavey effect in the simulators slow and sluggish frame rate (very annoying how slow the simulator is with opengl es 2.0 I wonder if it is even accelerated…


5 Responses to “Mission Europa Weekend =)”

  1. Doom Says:

    Cool:) if you me need to try it just shout, altho I am having issues with my pc and our way of installing builds..stupid computer is full..any progress on Testflight?
    Happy weekend!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Sure thing man I plan on using test flight for now on.. that thing is awesome I don;t know how they fund it but I love it …apple takes 30% they should provide that system… Really the next platform that actively promotes GOOD apps and devs along with providing very good servies will win out… this IS the future =)…

  2. MrSpud Says:

    How does Testflight work? I mean, in layman’s terms.

    • lightningstrikegames Says:

      Basically the developer uploads a build to testflight, then anyone on the testflight team that the developer put together gets an email that a new build is ready, then they can just download it directly to their devices. Its a really awesome tool.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      He nailed it another item is the dev can track who actually downloaded it 😉 that is the most valuable by far to me as I had over 50 people I had to painstakingly add and only 6 or so were awesome 😉

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