Mission Europa Patch Update

Last update for today: =)…. running on empty I have gotten down to the combat code and only the players side. So hopefully soon I will narrow down the bad guy tomorrow…. currently time to relax before bed =)

Update1_23_12 8:12pm: Zeroing in on another bug… In combat only when the player attacks there can be a sound crash… still hunting by stripping layers off and investigating slowly… pretty painstaking but I will find it…I also am finding with the faster devices these days some places are sticky as the update rate is so fast that you are shooting a ray on the very edge of a triangle… that is an easy fix after I find this sasquatch hiding in the combat code…

Update: I will be doing extensive combat testing tonight. I think there is a crash in there also… So far I have had a heck of a good result from the new sound engine… Other then that things are going really well with the update and are making me feel a lot better about Mission Europa =)..

Update: I hope to do a good amount of testing this evening then start a test flight build. I am pretty excited to finally get this fixed… ;).. Then back to Cursed Realms and the future =)

I have now totally replaced the audio system in Mission Europa. I have some testing to do and I am sure some clean up here and there but it is running GREAT now… I am using ObjectAL it is a great little tool. I had my own version of it but I never put the time into I should have. OpenAL is a DOG! Even using Object AL the simulator can have real issues. But now the biggest cause of problems is long gone!.. Very excited. I have no timeframe yet on test flighting a build as today looks really busy with football on. Within the next few days I will surely push a test flight app up.. too any of the old testers I would love a run at it with me =)…. Good stuff mid week I should be back on cursed realms full steam ahead. I am so very happy with the new engine having been working in my old M.E. engine a few days now… Man I do not like any of the teams playing but love a few of the players…. Brady, Ray Lewis (LOVE HIM) it is going to be good!


5 Responses to “Mission Europa Patch Update”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Who are you calling old?! Mature maybe, or wise, experienced!! Anyway, the game did crash a few more times, all freezes, but no UI problems.

    • ryan Says:

      Thanks youngster! ;P…

      I am almost positive it is the audio system. I was able to duplicate the freeze and the crashes and it all lead back to the Open AL… Bad stuff!…HOWEVER, I have already comeplete and totally replaced it with the Cursed Realms Sound engine and ObjectAL… so that is 100% fixed. This could possible fix ALL crashes and issues….The only crashes I have seen are with the audio engine… We shall see soon -=)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Ryan, I sent you my UID for my new iPad2, let me know about your testing needs, and maybe point me in the right direction with Testflight.

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