Still chewing into Mission Europa at night.

Update: AWESOME SAUCE seems stable as hell now. I have not had a single crash in a very long time and have shored up a ton of code (A few places I was moving to quick and not checking my work…dumb move and never worth it)…. I forgot just how neat Mission Europa is as apposed to the other games I play on my device =)… Good stuff and smooth as silk now!.. I will be placing a build up on test flight soon. (Getting the build up tonight does depend on life at home being kind to me tonight =)….I would guess tomorrow for the build.)

Update: MrSpud and others that were on the Mission Europa Testing Team please send me an email at title tester or something…(Please include device ID you will be using just in-case.)
and then I will send you an invite to the test flight team…really awesome way to test it is all over your device no more managing builds! I am hoping tonight I can get a build done =)…

Update: Got a little time during the day to “play” =P.. really its just running remotely. Things look really good. I may have a test flight build tonight! \;) REALLY sickening in all the massive amount of code that Mission Europa is the stupid health bar was the issue….argh…

Update: Really……it seems it was the value bar over the enemies heads… more testing to do but sheesh one line of code and a small function call… argh…

Now that is a stress test =) and a great frame-rate on my iPhone4 =)

The last crash I have been able to find is in the combat. So the game before would freeze at level changes due to OpenAL crashes. Even now using ObjectAL every now and then Object AL detects something weird with OpenAL and just restarts it. That was something my system should have done. That is where one crash was. The freezing was in OpenAL on a release source call. That was also fixed with ObjectAL. Now there is one last crash taht is VERY reproducable. I am using the Chicken if any of you have gotten that far =)… I am overloading the level with 60 guys and fighting them. I can get the combat bug pretty quickly in this manner. A real hint in this mystery is if I just let them beat on me then there is no crash. If I beat on them a crash comes sooner or later. I believe the crash is a memory overrun because the crash later happens in one of the few places that allocates memory during play( the sound engine =) )… I will post more when I learn more tonight =).. I have a real feeling tonight is the night I will squash this bugger!…I forgot how good Mission Europa was =P… been a while…


5 Responses to “Still chewing into Mission Europa at night.”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Yay! Once crashes are fixed ill probably start playing again, it got annoying to constantly lose objectives and what not, but finally!!! I also can’t wait to see more on cursed realms, as the npcs/ minions/ enemies are looking really awesome

    • ryan Says:

      Thank you ! Sorry it took so long to get to fixing these issues.. I just need a Delorean and a Flux capacitor is all.. \;)

  2. MrSpud Says:

    I looked into testflight a bit, do I need to install the SDK? I’m guessing I do, and you already got my email, let me know! I’ll look into testflight some more…

    • MrSpud Says:

      Ok, I registered with testflight, I guess I’m good to go! Sounds much easier than the “old fashion way”, it doesn’t work if you’re jailbroken but it doesn’t matter to me since I’m not. Only thing that I’m not sure is if you need an internet connection all the time? I mean for you to receive all that info from us…

      • ryan Says:

        Awesome! yes you do need wifi 😉 and yes it is way the heck better =)… you just download it… it works great!…

        Thanks I am working hard tonight to maybe get a build up tomorrow… I found another issue I am fixing…

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