Mission Europa Patch Complete….

Update: Made it to Quest 8 on level 2 the last one.. One crash in all 1.5 hours playing. Do I want 0 crashes yes… BUT does 0-4 sales a day warrant the level of attention it would require for the out dated and thrown away Mission Europa Engine when I have Cursed Realms to create with a totally awesome completely debug-able and totally new engine that is 100x easier to debug?… I do not think so… So I am happy for now there. If you testers find something crazy let me know it is time to eat some dinner for me it has been a LONG 4 days… My Cursed Realms Memory debugger detected a memory stomping but I could not track it down without much more time involved and the crashes I DID fix make me want to get this out now it was damn near un-playable due to the updates…If I get more complaints post patch or Mr-Spud or Doom or any other tester say they want more I will =). However, I feel pleased now with the crap ass audio engine replaced and 149 errors corrected among other fixes. Time to upload the standard build for its update….LET ME KNOW IF YALL FEEL DIFFERENTLY TESTERS PLS =)

P.S. The crash was in level transition SO the saves were fin I just had to relaunch and load… no time lost.

P.P.S. If Skyrim can crash on my PS3 as much as it does maybe people can cut a team 1/100 the size some slack on the shifty and sometimes unpredictable IOS and ObjC ;P
Update: lol spoke to soon quest 7 crashed on skipping intro to level. Cryptic modified freed object arg…one is not bad it was constant before… and it ran for an hour while I changed both cars oil 😉
Update: Quest 6 no crash…. crossed fingers… still 30+ min of gameplay is a good amount compared to before
Update: They may not have been crashes as my son was the one testing and I think he hit the square button.. but we shall see still playing…so far Quest 8 no crash…(besides a possible one after the tutorial)

Ok going to play Mission Europa a little tonight…but then FINALLY back to cursed realms and creating cool not fixing cool =P…

Update: Downloaded and played the first 3 quest on iPad for the first time in a game non debuge format… very nice =).. rather enjoyed it =)

Update Upload complete…I am downloading it now and will let y’all know if it all went well =).. this is my SECOND time using test flight so please let me know if there is an error I can fix it pretty quick =)…

Update: Uploading to test flight. =)

Finally 4 hard long nights and some days and here she is!… I will be making the build and uploading to test flight as soon as I can get back through to apple with my mac mini =)…..

Largest Fixes in patch:
Ripped out old sound system
Placed in Cursed Realms Sound System
Ripped out Music System
Placed in Cursed Realms Sound System
Fixed numerous memory issues
Added in back stops to prevent to many sounds from playing and overloading memory.
Stopped multiples of the same sound from playing.
Placed in new memory tester.
Ran hours of tests looking for mem-overruns
Removed over 149 warnings from the new 5.0 compiler
Many Many smaller fixes..

My new memory debugger I wrote for Cursed Realms is doing a number on Mission Europa =)… It has found several issues I need to resolve. I do not think it will take to long tonight as I made a huge amount of headway last night. I will post as I garner more data but for now I still think I MIGHT be able to get a build done tonight…

Funny thing I ran into during debugging… I SEE A LIGHT!
(I turned of skeletal updates in a test I ran) =)

another side effect… kinda funny =)


10 Responses to “Mission Europa Patch Complete….”

  1. Doom Says:

    I was looking thru crash logs last night and noticed there was a full screen of low memory events for ME thru out the year..they dont show a game name unless opened so never paid much attention..deffo was an evil gremlin in there 😉 good news on your bug search!

    • ryan Says:

      Taking a flame thrower to them… =)..

    • ryan Says:

      That I think again was also the old sound engine.. now I check to see if that sound is playing already and if so ignore. If not if more then 10 are playing ignore… You might have 40 guys pounding on you and then each emitting effects and sounds.. the sounds are big memory as they have to be basically wav files (I could cache them but that is not needed now and with the old system and OpenAL it was such a nightmare.. )

      Anywho I am trying to get my computer at home to make a build right now… then I will post to test flight WHILE making one for apple we can test while waiting in their line… it takes forever so might as well get in line this build is 100x better now.. So far I made it from intro to level 2 end quest no problems! =)….

      • Doom Says:

        Sweet..will look for it tonight when by wifi…take a look at the save game feature in TF..some don’t do something right and it does not save previous progress: below is copied info from another test FYI :
        concluded that your experiences happened because the developers
        changed their state-saving/restoring mechanism. Fortunately I did not
        really touch that 😀

      • ryan Says:

        TF? Ahh yes.. your save games in mission eruopa should be safe.. the other note is because the programmers changed how the game was saved.. mission europa has not changed since launch in the saving and loading area =)

        Yes saving or serializing is such a dog if not planned right…
        Cursed Realms is a dream!…. I cannot wait to get back to it 88% uploaded now for Mission Europa

      • ryan Says:

        Also I did not have your iphone 4 back then so ipand and 3g are all that will work for he new build =P

  2. MrSpud Says:

    I like the first screenshot! Maybe it’s a sign!?!

    By the way, I got 100 hours in Skyrim and never got a crash, on my Xbox360 or course! 😉 just sayin’ you know 😉

    I just got your invite, will let you know…

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Cannot wait to hear well I am at over over 100 hours of lost sleep I bet to that game and at least one reboot a night it seems with an hour a night played and weekends lost.. How do you find out how long played? Never looked … I bought ps3 because I know what an evil dog it is to dev for the kids both have 360s. Some sick part of me likes seeing what he’ll others went through to get the ps3 going 😉

  3. MrSpud Says:

    I found a new bug, whenever you pick up a legendary relic and you stand over the dead body, the audio and text goes into a loop and it keeps doing this as long as you stand over it, and you don’t pick up the item! I was able to reproduce it twice. I have autoloot turned on.

    Gotta catch some zzz…

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      How is the stability?
      I will leave this build in for review and have a follow up patch if there are just minor glitches the stability is huge…how strange…

      Doommfound energy weapons rapid fire sound effect bug. But so far stability is what I really want improved drastically.

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