Today a break from Mission Europa

Back To Cursed Realms… aaaahhhh That Mission Europa Jaunt made me really appreciate the new design and engine =)

Back to cursed realms for fun! So far thanks to Doom and MrSpud all I have reported so far with mission Europa is a bug standing over a legendary relic that loops an effect and energy weapons sound effect bugs.. Both can wait for the next patch as stability is my number one huge concern ;). So that is actually pretty good news being the huge amount of surgery I did on mission Europa’s innards.
The problem with how I built Mission Europa’s engine is it started evolving on me. I stopped “designing code to solve issues and started brute forcing things. The next thing you know I have ballooned the code base and I would say more then half of the compiled code should be data driven design. In cursed realms I am 100 percent the opposite. I also wrote it to where everything has a sting based name and the entire running engi e can be logged in real time. I can inspect just certain items. The largest change is the serialization from a data tree I designed. Where all objects start from a database and then are serialized with their current state to a file or across the web. Bog differences also in the graphics as cursed realms is 100% next gen and OpenGL es 2.0. Cursed realms is all shader driven with no fixed function pipeline. That is what took the longest time. I had to write everything down to the trustful for the camera for it’s projection, view, and the model matrix. Any who things are looking good now and I will get a break from mind numbing debugging to work in that stage that is the most fun. The experimental stage! 😉

Happy Thursday all!

In jumping back into Cursed and upgrading to 5.0..OpenglEs 2.0 has had some changes aqlong the way in one of the million releases it seems I have not read…So now my light vectors and what not transforming into my shader are borken.. weird.. fun stuff.. But hopefully this will be the last time I have this big an update until launch 5.0 was a big change….

Ahh I had an error that ios 4.x let by… I had glUniform4fv with a 4 for count when it should have been 1..

Note for other devs if your shaders work in 4.x but just show black in 5.0. Then look at your glUniformXfv calls. I had a few where I called glUniform4fv(program,4,pointerToFloatArraySize4);where the number 4 of course should have been 1… whoops… that got by in version 4.x. Anywho that took a long time to figure out being that I had to look at the color responses in shader results to figure it out!..


2 Responses to “Today a break from Mission Europa”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Stability is good BTW, no crashes or freezes, I only got 45min or so into it last night, life’s busy again.

    • ryan Says:

      Wow thanks anytime is awesome!… Very good when I first started testing with the old audio engine I would crap out in 5 min and my jaw hit the floor how the system updates would cause so much trouble for our baby =)…. I feel much better now.. Thank you again!

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