Really good progress

I cannot wait for the Mission Europa Patch to get released!

Today I got most of the goals complete and I am actually close to level creation. I plan on getting shadow maps implemented soon. The shadow volume code can still be used for light rays, however the fill rate impact is just far to high. I will probably start that tomorrow it hopefully will not be to difficult. It will limit my lights to directional only. I might go for teh omidirectional shadow maps. The problem there is even more of a hit per light. I would rather have 6 directional lights then 1 light with 6 shadow maps. Any-who that should be exciting. For now back to work!

Btw here is a great refresher or tutorial on simple shadow mapping using render to textures and a light to view transform matrix. Pretty fun to see a 2.0 * x – 1 for the -1 to 1 transform and scale to 0 – 1 with a matrix using 0.5 down the identity chain of ones and then the transform of 0.5. Great quick and concise article without what sometimes I think is purposefully difficult to follow jargon and terminology.


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