Mondays Goals

Bed time =).. I got all the way to the Light Matrix I need to figure out. It should not be hard but something has me stuck for now…most probably the need for sleep =).. Good stuff, Good day, I hope everyone’s was the same! =)

Mission Europa is still waiting for review and no word from anyone of anything major! =)..

So now the system completely works inside of my scene graph. Take a transform hang a shader if you want to see the light. Then hang a camera with references to places in the graph you want to render and whammmmmmoo!…Depth buffer (or color depth and stencil whatever…) Next step is to get this integrated into the lighting equation with the bias matrix an light matrix weeeee matrix math…

Here is the first step =)

I scaled up the z buffers close area so it is more visible otherwise it would be very hard to see..
Next step Shadow Matrix! =)

1. Shadow mapping!

It should be a walk in the park to get shadow mapping into my engine. I plan on using the old shadow volume code for light rays cast off objects later. To place shadow mapping into my engine I plan on using a shader override. When the renderer runs down my scene graph the models store the level of detail of the last camera they were rendered with. Thus on an override the shader is forced into a depth only render and the lod is not altered by the shader at render time for the models. This means a model will still be at what level of detail the last render was at. So if the camera is far from the light you will not have artifacts with higher LOD models next to the light. The shadow map shader will take into account the 1st testure registers alpha with an alpha test of 0.5.
The process will be
Render from the lights point of view only rendering to the depth map. (hopefully the camera is not moving to fast that the last LOD holds for the most part…in cursed realms it will not if so a pre lod run will be required.) Then render the scene normally using the shadow map generated and transformed using the light to camera matrix and a bias to move the -1 – 1 space into a 0 to 1 space. Good stuff and the results should be spectacular.


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