Mission Europa patch is out!

So far great reviews for it 😉


More later day job calls 😉

Here is the shadowing working with some wonky settings for the ambient color =)…

I will try to get more up later I am moving on into the heart of Cursed Realms finaly =-)


3 Responses to “Mission Europa patch is out!”

  1. Eric Says:

    WHY is this game not on itunes top 10 list???!!!
    And the patch made this game way better than it already was before…
    I had 2 crashes playing 3 hours -> but it only takes a few seconds to restart the game so I don’t care anymore.
    People need to wake up and buy this game on itunes (collectors edition) to support u Ryan!!! Great work!!!


    • Doom Says:

      That is a very good question..the GameFlops of the world are overshadowing great devs such as Ryan..all we can do is be loud and hope people hear..;)

    • ryan Says:

      Thank you! =)..
      Lets Hope Cursed Realms will be even better -=)…
      All I can hope for is word of mouth =)…
      Touch-Gen Noticed and I am sooooo very grateful!

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