Happy Monday!

Cursed Realms Update: A Video of the lighting in game. I have a low res shadow map because of the simulator generally sucking =)…O and the light colors / ambient / fog are all not correct in this video just the shadows =).

The Superbowl needs to be moved to Saturday or a national holiday on Monday =P….Very tired today but I plan on plowing forward on Cursed Realms while I gather data on Mission Europa and the reported problems a few people are reporting.

Mission Europa Getting long in the tooth =)…
I plan on shipping some presents over the next four weeks to celebrate a year of mission Europa (with dev time almost 2 years for me =P). So on each Friday I will mail all existing users a present. Be sure to register a name at the red portal =).

The presents will be
1. Feb 10: Doomsday Turret and Reyem Neas
2. Feb 17: The Banshee
3. Feb 24: Chained
4. Mar 3: Knuckles

Happy Monday =)

By the way if you are having issues with Europa Crashing please sync your device so the logs will get to me through apples awesome little log system. The only crash I have so far is STILL in the sound system =/….

2 Responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. Okan Says:

    Hey Ryan .. I wait for my presents 😦
    My ingame Name Is deluxkilla

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