Back to editing levels =)…

Update with my most powerful tool as of yet!…
Here you can see my in game scene graph editor. Top left is a command line. Left side is the current level of the scene graph and is editable. Clicking it will load its data in the top right window. The bottom left window is the entire scene graph by name. You may select any object by name or ID (if you know it I probably need to add that in the name).
Pretty awesome that I can pick any part of my engine out and mess with it. BIG tool =).. cannot wait to get to tearing it up with it not to mention making debugging so much easier. I would like to have a collapsable tree system but I did not want to invest anymore time into it and apple from what I know does not provide easy to use systems (I might just make that work myself with that bottom right window and when the user selects a line it expands it or something.. no idea. maybe later that would take quite a bit of time.)

A little more then bed time… =)

I will try to get some shots of it in action for fun tonight. I had that week detour creating lighting and supporting the patch for Mission Europa and now I get to dive back in headfirst. More later as the day job is beating me on the head today =)….

Yay TOOLS!.. hehe another delay while I create a SceneGraph Editor in game. I am about a quater done already. I want yo be able to traverse the tree in game and analyze it while the game updates are paused. Then alter it in real time while creating a level. The ultimate in freedom really. I want to have the most dynamic gameplay out there with this one. I want a real sandbox game in the dungeon keepers universe.

On the Mission Europa front sales have picked up quite a bit in the last few days! I would love to see a huge spike in sales as that would be very nice in this fun economy in which we live =) I plan on another patch starting up when I get enough crash reports in. The new apple crash reporting system is AWESOME I wish it was there my whole career in gaming. We had to write our own always and took quite a bit of work.

More if I get time.


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